Anushka and Rajat to face divorce distress in Shastri Sisters


anu rajat

Shastri ji has taken a promise from Anushka about not becoming Sareen’s bahu and ending her relation with Rajat. Though he has vowed infront of everyone in Lohri function, about getting Anu married in a better family, he realizes he has made a tough decision for Anu. Anu gives her word to Shastri ji, and does not realize it will be impossible for her to end her marriage with Rajat. Rajat does not know about the fight going on in Anu’s heart and asks her out about what her dad told her. Anu breaks down recalling the promise, and hugs him. She loses courage to tell the truth to Rajat and hides it from him. Anu aims to take care of her dad and take him home, and feels once things get fine, his anger will vanish and he may change his decision. Anu sticks to a new hope and hides her pain.

Sareen does not forgive Minty for her harsh behavior with Shastri ji which led to his heart attack. Minty defends herself and takes Neil’s support to explain Sareen that she is not wrong. Neil is depressed by Devyaani’s rejection and supports Minty. Sareen asks Minty to go to hell, and leave his house. He ends ties with her in anger. Minty feels hurt to see him supporting the strangers more than her, and goes to commit suicide. While she tries to hang herself to the fan and die, Sareen and Neil save her in time. Sareen unwillingly forgives Minty, on the condition that she will obey his decision now.

Rajat starts convincing Minty about accepting Anu as her bahu. He says Shastri ji did not accept the marriage performed earlier, without him doing the kanyadaan and bidaai, and takes a decision to get married to Anu by all rituals and completing the marriage in everyone’s presence and by their happiness. Minty does not have any option and agrees to Rajat, as she does not want Sareen to blame her again. Shastri ji gets fine and comes home. He announces Rajat and Anu’s divorce and shocks Rajat. Rajat sees Anu and is stunned knowing Anu was aware of this. Will Rajat’s trust on Anu break again, or will the lovers part ways forever? Keep reading.


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