Baldev and Ranvi's heroic entry to rescue Veera, and realizes Rajveer's arrest for his crimes; Veera shifts to new time slot from 26th Jan – 5 PM


Veera baldev in Veera

Veera’s efforts in collecting evidences against Rajveer is going to finally expose him. She has quietly persevere Baldev’s anger since he misunderstands her and even hurled insult and punishment both at himself and Veera. He wanted to take his own life but with Jaggi and Billa’s timely entry stopped him from taking his life. Meanwhile, Rajveer who also realizes about Veera’s intentions in collecting evidence against him goes on to kidnap her and she is taken to some hideout – godown.


Ranvi and Baldev comes to know of Veera’s kidnap location. Both of them make a heroic entry to rescue Veera and confronts Rajveer – the kidnapper with heavy hand. They work in tandem to fight with Rajveer and successful in securing Veera’s release. Rajveer’s trickery nature and all crimes are exposed and Baldev’s innocence on Nihal Singh’s murder is proven. Baldev couldn’t stop himself and wants to shoot Rajveer but Ranvi stops him in doing so. Soon after, the police comes and arrest Rajveer for all his crimes and thus the villain in Veera-Baldev’s married life is finally caught. Now, there is a big shift in Veera’s life – from traumatic to eventful. However, Veera is still not so happy with Baldev and she knows how he didn’t trust her on many occasions. What’s more in the story about Veera and her thinking ? Is she going to continue her life in a normal way with a more relaxed & happier Baldev post Rajveer’s arrest ? Are there going to be a definite closure on Nihaal’s Singh murder mystery with the arrest of Rajveer ?

Additional Note:
* Veera gets a new time slot of 5 PM from 26th January onwards to acccomodate Master Chef India Season 4 who takes its slot of 10:30 PM. Also, IPKKND2 moved to time slot of 5:30 PM.

* Wishing the best to actor Vivek Dahiya aka Rajveer on his future projects and endeavors.

Veera’s time slot promo:
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