Panchi and Titu on way to discover love in Tu Mera Hero

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panchi titu tu mera hero

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Govind finds out the truth that Titu was playing around to fool him, and lied about him and Panchi’s love. He gets angry and scolds Titu. He says he will confront Panchi first and then see him. He goes to talk to Panchi, and till then the developments in the engagement function lead to Rachna’s marriage with the Peepal Tree, based on the superstitions of Chetan’s family. Chetan does not oppose it, as he gives in to his mum, and Rachna gets teary eyed to perform the marriage being marked Manglik by them. Kamlesh and Pratibha oppose the marriage, and stop them from humiliating Rachna infront of everyone. Arvind gets raised and calls off the marriage and alliance with them.

Panchi gets worried, and she again showcases her intelligence, and gets Titu’s support in opposing the superstitions and making them aware of the right. Govind witnesses this and is proud to see Titu changing for someone, and is glad to see Panchi is perfect for Titu, and only she can make Titu live a prosperous life, making him a responsible man. Govind talks to Panchi, and she tells him that she loves Titu a lot, but her family won’t accept Titu. Govind tries hard to convince her to marry Titu and assures her that he will convince Kamlesh. Titu comes to know about Panchi’s decision to marry him, and gets puzzled thinking what made Panchi say yes to him, knowing he loved Ruhi and considers her just a friend. Will Titu realize Panchi’s love? Titu starts seeing Panchi’s goodness and her smartness wins his heart. Titu realizes its slowly as he sides Panchi against the world. Keep reading.



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