Love By Chance 35th Episode 24th January 2015 starring Priyanka Bhole and Abhishek Verma on Bindass TV – Promo

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Love By Chance Bindass 32nd Episode, 3rd January 2015

The story is about Diya and Prateek. Diya have met Prateek earlier and have thought him as a stalker and even punched him hard. She later meets him at a financial office and came there to talk about Baby Steps old age home. He finds her and tries to escape her eyes and she recognizes him in quick time. Diya’s aim is to protect the old age home and she is told to arrange 50 Lakhs INR in 2 weeks otherwise the old age would be taken over by the businessman. Though she has the misunderstanding about Prateek but she needs to take his help. He goes ahead to help her in saving the old age home and thinks to come close to her. She opens-up about an ideal boy for her – Abs like Hrithik and wide back. He feels awe on her thinking and speaks of being all though he is slim.

Finally, Diya and Prateek come closer and she realizes his good heart and genuine feelings for her and become lovestruck. What made Prateek to develop feelings for Diya ? How did Prateek manage to help the old age home ? How Prateek and Diya realize their feelings of love and became lovestruck in the end ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

Info on Cast:
* Diya is portrayed by actress Priyanka Bhole

* Prateek is portrayed by actor Abhishek Verma
– Currently working in Channel V India’s show Million Dollar Girl

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