Soumya in denial mode seeing Suhani and Yuvraaj’s love in Suhani Si…


suhani si

Soumya dresses like Suhani and tries to get closer to Yuvrraaj, but all her attempts go in vain as Yuvraaj identifies her and asks her to leave from his room. Soumya gets upset and plans to make Suhani’s home made laddoos spoiled. Yuvraaj tastes the laddoos and its very hard that aches his tooth. While Sharad jokes on him, Yuvraaj throws it on him to reply, which luckily hits Dadi’s fake face, and could make her spend more bucks on her botox injections. Sharad laughs off, as Dadi could not scold Yuvraaj. But she scolds Suhani, while Yuvraaj acts defensive for Suhani. He was present with her at the time when she made the laddoos, and Suhani gets confused as she earlier made such stone type laddoos. It turns out to be Suhani’s imagination. Yuvraaj praises the laddoos, while Dadi still insults Suhani. Well, Soumya and Dadi’s tactics go waste and they fail to trap Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj gets much closer to Suhani, and they celebrate the Makar Sankranti together by flying the same kite, and having some romantic moments. Yuvraaj realizes the genuine happiness on Suhani’s face and gets glad to be its reason. Soumya gets jealous seeing them and Dadi provokes her to do something. Soumya attempts to woo Yuvraaj and Suhani fails her moves unknowingly. Soumya witnesses Yuvraaj’s love for Suhani and still denies it thinking he is again showing off to make her jealous, like he did earlier. Sharad and Pratima start giving lessons of life to Suhani and make her aware of Soumya’s growing web of lies. Pratima asks Suhani to make Soumya leave, and thus Soumya’s mum enters the scene. Will Soumya accept the fact that Yuvraaj has forgotten her and given his love rights to his wife Suhani? Will she accept her defeat or plan anything more venomous? Keep reading.



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