Private Investigator 7th Episode 25th January 2015, The Murder-Accident Mystery Case on Star Plus – Promo Snap


Private Investigator Star Plus

A man hit a jackpot in lottery and won 7 crores INR.  Later, the lottery winner Rajeev Sharma was going on his bike and a car hits him from behind and he gets killed. The murder-Accident mystery case comes to Raffe and Tiwari and the first question arises whether it was an accident or murder. Raffe finds the lottery ticket to be missing and also a stranger is linked to the case. Vijay speaks to Raffe that the person buying a lottery ticket employs a method to choose the number. Vijay tries to help Raffe with his inputs.


Raffe gathers some clues that the fallen bike and the body is at some distance. Another clue is the body have second tyre marks and each question throws up a challenge in that intriguing case. Will Raffe solve the lottery murder-accident case ? Stay tuned to Private Investigator this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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