TR Round Up Spoilers


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun takes Ruhi for shopping and Ruhi starts troubling her to seek justice for Ishita. Shagun wants to impress Raman by showing newly found love for her daughter. Ruhi gets done with shopping and says she is very tired. Ruhi says she won’t walk, being adamant and asking Shagun to lift her. Shagun buys many things for Ruhi, and says she has body ache and can’t lift all shopping bags and Ruhi together. Ruhi starts shouting infront of everyone. Shagun looks around and has no option. She takes Ruhi in her arms and have trouble walking, while Ruhi laughs after teaching her a lesson. Looks like Ruhi is taking revenge from Shagun as she has been scheming and hurting her Ishi Maa.


KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya are unable to explain each other about their feelings. Abhi calls Pragya to say something important, and Bulbul has cleared that if Pragya did not propose Abhi, she won’t marry. Abhi and Pragya meet in a café. Abhi gifts her a bouquet. Pragya does not propose Abhi and fails. They both sit tensed. An old couple sees them nervous as they have come on a date for the first time. Abhi also fails to tell her for what he called her. The old couple joins them on their table. The uncle and aunty give them love lessons, and kiss each other, while everyone claps. The aunty asks Pragya to kiss Abhi, as its their turn now to express their love. Pragya gets shy, and Abhi diverts the old couple and takes Pragya with him. They both run away to skip the kissing request by the couple.


Ranvi records the song and Gunjan is very glad to become a heroine as per her childhood dream. She got main lead offer for a dance video, where Ranvi will be singing. Gunjan rehearses for the dance, but her focus is somewhere else. The dance teacher scolds her for not giving her best. Gunjan starts feeling she is pregnant by her sudden vomits, but it is not confirmed. She is unable to concentrate being worried for her pregnancy. She goes to the medical store to get pregnancy kit. Will Gunjan’s pregnancy break her stardom dreams?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Kirti’s leg injury limits her from dancing, and she asks Nisha to dance in her place as Nisha knows all the steps. Nisha is reluctant and says she can’t dance. Viraj asks Nisha to fight for herself as she has always done much for others. Everyone has hopes from Nisha. Nisha sees her competitor dancer – Viraj’s sister life in danger and saves her by pushing her on the right time. Everyone gets proud of Nisha to save her competitor despite knowing she could have lost doing so. Everyone appreciate her for her bravery. Nisha gets ahead of hurdles and gets into the final round of the competition by her good performance. Will Nisha win the competition and save Lakshya Academy?

Tu Mera Hero:

The wedding day has come, as the two brides Rachna and Panchi are ready and arrive at the wedding hall. Kamlesh welcomes Chetan and his family, and waits anxiously for Titu and his family. Panchi has many dreams to marry, but there is a big twist. Will Panchi’s marriage dream get true? Titu has gone away from marriage and Panchi waits for the groom. Panchi is glad that everything is like her dream wedding and all arrangements are done in grand way. The suspense here is, when Titu come in time or will he make Panchi upset.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Neil agrees to Ragini for marriage arrangements, but Ragini always refuses to whatever he says He thinks to implement reverse psychology to make her agree to the things he decide. Neil and Ragini reach Jignesh’s home and they select sarees. He asks her to buy blue saree, and she takes a red saree. He gets glad as red is his fav color. He makes Ragini agree for Destination Wedding as per Nishi’s choice, and Ragini again agrees to him to go against the choice he offers. Ragini leaves with Aman, and Neil smiles having won over by his smartness and making Nishi happy. Neil and Ragini start making each other jealous, by getting along with Aman and Nivedita. They meet for a group dinner to outdo each other.


Sahir and Aarzoo’s love has finally taken a flight. The HumSafars profess love and they have some romantic moments. Aarzoo dreams about Sahir, and he sits near her while she sleeps. She wakes up being worried for his life and cries asking him is he fine, did anything happen to him. She rushes to Sahir and hugs him. She is worried for the attacks on Sahir. She acts very protective. Sahir feels her love in her concern. Aarzoo cries and he pacifies her. He thanks her for saving his life. Aarzoo and Sahir’s romance is on for the viewers.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani stares at Yuvraaj while he is sleeping by her side. Yuvraaj cares for Suhani which shows his love. They both have silence between them, and still depict lots of love. The scene shows their romance as their silence talks. Suhani has confessed her love by her eyes. Soumya’s evil intentions bring Suhani and Yuvraaj closer. Its just his love confession pending, which hopefully will be happening soon.



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