Ishita gives final exit warning to Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein ishita

Shagun comes to know Ruhi’s plan of troubling her, and raises hand on Ruhi, which makes Ishita the angry young woman of Telly. Ishita asks her to back off from her daughter, and not dare to slap Ruhi or any kid again. Ishita says she won’t give warning next time and asks her to leave the house. Ishita says she has brought her here going against Raman and when she tells him to kick Shagun out, he won’t tell anything. Ishita makes it clear that Raman is bearing Shagun just for Adi’s sake, and she should not take much advantage of their goodness. She says she knows Raman very well and he will do as she says. Shagun gets angry seeing Ishita ruling over Raman, and says she is not afraid of her warnings and tells her all plans openly. She asks Ishita to stop her if she can.

Later on, Ishita starts practicing running to win the race for Ruhi, just by some sudden created situations. Its sports day in Ruhi’s school and she is taking part in the race. Ishita puts all the things required in Ruhi’s bag, and puts glucose water and sandwiches. She forgets to keep the sports shoes, and sees Raman has left with Ruhi to drop at the school. Ishita makes efforts to catch up the car and deliver the shoes. Shagun witnesses them and finds Ishita very weird to run after the car. Ishita succeeds and gives the shoes, and proves to be the best mother for Ruhi. Ruhi does not need to prove anything else to Shagun after this. But the question is, will Shagun accept this truth that Ishita is a better mother than her? Keep reading.


  1. Ishita dont be sooooo good, people will take advantage and you are a doctor how you accept Shagun to enter your life. Shagun is already a diverosy you must tell her she is no more Raman’s wife, & you must watch her very carefully.

  2. how long this shagun-adi drama will last plz writers stop this track otherwise your serial will not take a single moment to get flopped…why u making a nice love story into a commom wife n ex-wife fight at least dont fool ur audience and show some meaningful track okay…n pls dnt make raman’s character a dumb and spineless


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