Jayshree's stupidity to fail Radha, risks Dada ji's life in Mere Rang…

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Suhasini is helping Radha in winning everyone’s heart. Radha is sure that she will live up to the expectations of Dada ji and Dadi Bua. LD is worried seeing Dadi Bua’s tests for Radha and worries whether Radha will be able to do the tasks assigned to her or not. Dada ji gets critical and the family rushes to take him to the room. Radha and Suhasini get worried think how did this happen. Radha knows Dada ji has allergy with groundnut oil, and she does not use it in preparing the dishes. She is clueless. Everyone thinks Radha has used ground nut oil and her hand made food has made this state of Dada ji. This was a test given by Dadi Bua that Radha will make everyone’s favourite food. Radha accepted the challenge, but the twist came as Jayshree changes the spices and ration boxes tags, to make Radha fail in her attempt.

Radha makes many dishes for the family and was expecting a positive result. Radha cries seeing Dada ji’s bad state, and Suhasini pacifies her. Radha decides to find out who has spilled the beans to spoil her name and also risk Dada ji’s life. Jayshree gets tensed seeing Dada ji’s state and worried to get exposed. Will Radha find out about Jayshree being the vamp of the house? Keep reading.






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