Pragya's love confession confuses Abhi over love definition in KumKum Bhagya


abhi pragya kumkum bhagya

Pragya and Abhi have an argument. Abhi thinks he loves Tanu and before her parents come home and talk to Dadi about them, he has to convince Dadi for his marriage with Tanu. He thinks to take Pragya in confidence. They both have a sweet nok jhok where they ask each other to speak first. While, Pragya was trying to confess love, Abhi wanted her nod for his marriage with Tanu. They both end up not talking. Abhi feels Pragya will move away from his way and let him marry Tanu. He is mistaken and thinks Pragya will understand his love for Tanu. Well this nok jhok finally leads to Pragya’s love confession.


Late night, Pragya is scared and its such tensed situation for her, while Abhi is in sleepy state. She holds Abhi and says I wanted to tell this since long, don’t go away from me, I want to spend my life with you, as I Love you. She says she loves him so much that no one ever loved him till now. She holds him firm that he gets pushed back by her sudden love confession. Abhi is stunned and Pragya also can’t believe that she has expressed her love being in fear in the middle of the night. Its one of a kind love confession, which is over sweet and looks real to life. Its something that Abhi did not expect from Pragya.

Ahead in the show will be attacks on Bulbul to stop her marriage with Purab. Aaliya and Tanu will be trying hard to hurt Bulbul, and plan an acid attack on her, by sending her on shopping for her wedding dress intentionally. Bulbul gets glad for shopping for her dream wedding and is unaware of the upcoming dangers. She gets rescued in nick of the time, and Aaliya fails once again. What will Aaliya do now to stop Purab from marrying Bulbul. Keep reading.



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