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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Soumya gets angry on Suhani knowing about Ankit’s proposal. Ankit proposes to Soumya. Soumya gets a chance to stay in Birla House as Ankit is not a good guy, and proves Ankit to be a bad character man. Suhani finds out about his truth, and tells Yuvraaj. Ankit tries talking to Soumya to give an explanation. Yuvraaj holds his hand and gives an angry look. Yuvraaj loses his temper and beats Ankit, kicking him out from his house. Sharad gets worried that Yuvraaj is making Ankit leave because of feelings for Soumya. Though Yuvraaj’s reaction was just to save Soumya’s life for humanity sake, and not love. Soumya scolds Suhani infront of everyone for hiding Ankit’s truth and getting her married to a wrong man again. Soumya is glad seeing Yuvraaj’s anger and she is mistaken that Yuvraaj loves her.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

Dada ji gets critical and the family rushes to take him to the room. Radha and Suhasini get worried think how did this happen. Radha knows Dada ji has allergy with groundnut oil, and she does not use it in preparing the dishes. She is clueless. Everyone thinks Radha has used ground nut oil and her hand made food has made this state of Dada ji. This was a test given by Dadi Bua that Radha will make everyone’s favourite food. Radha accepted the challenge, but the twist came as Jayshree changes the spices and ration boxes tags, to make Radha fail in her attempt. Radha makes many dishes for the family and was expecting a positive result. Radha cries seeing Dada ji’s bad state, and Suhasini pacifies her. Radha decides to find out who has spilled the beans to spoil her name and also risk Dada ji’s life. Jayshree gets tensed seeing Dada ji’s state and worried to get exposed. Will Radha find out about Jayshree being the vamp of the house?


Aarzoo saves Zeenat’s life by seeing her lying in the swimming pool. She is shocked to see Zeenat in water and tries to bring her out by much difficulty.. The family comes there. Kurti Apa blames Aarzoo for trying to kill Zeenat. She says Aarzoo has crossed the limit today. Aarzoo defends herself. Kurit Apa pushes Aarzoo out, and Sahir holds her. Sahir supports Aarzoo and asks how can Kurti Apa blame Aarzoo like this. They are curious to know how did Zeenat go in swimming pool being in coma. When will they find out about Zeenat’s coma acting? Kurti Apa argues with Sahir and asks him to kick out Aarzoo from their home.

Satrangee Sasural:

Vihaan meets Aarushi’s mother after the fight between their families. Aarushi feels the families clash can’t end and they can’t unite now. Vihaan tries to convince her parents and asks what the mistake of their love. Aarushi has refused to marry Vihaan. Vihaan tries to convince her mum and grandpa. He then tries convincing Aarushi. He waits that his mothers meet Aarushi and accept her, thus completing her family.


Ranjana challenges Chakor to bring Bhaiya ji in the village and make him stay in between the bandhuas for just one night. She claims that Bhaiya ji can’t even breath between them and he is the biggest liar among all. Chakor takes the challenge and informs Bhaiya ji about the same. Bhaiya ji gets angry on Chakor asking how can she accept the condition, without asking him once. Chakor tells him about Ranjana’s plans to show him down in the villager’s eyes. Manohar asks Bhaiya ji not to worry as he will see Ranjana and control her. Ishwar tells Bhaiya ji that evil can’t win, when Ishwar (Relating to himself and Lord) is infront of them. Ishwar and Chakor make Bhaiya ji has a reality check and Bhaiya ji worriedly agrees to win villager’s votes by spending a night in the village. Chakor plans to make Bhaiya ji see how the villagers suffer in no facilities homes, while Ishwar is sure Bhaiya ji won’t care about anyone.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Vikram tells Samarth that he did a big mistake by sending Shobha to him, and he will now ruin him by taking the media’s help in exposing him. Samarth comes to know about Shobha giving her statement to Rohini and exposing him. He plans to ruin Shobha’s image infront of the world by showing her extra marital affair with Vikram. He calls Shobha at a hotel and mixes drugs in her drink. Shobha feels dizzy and informs Vikram to seek his help. Vikram rushes to meet Shobha and the moments of Vikram supporting to hold Shobha, gets clicked by the photographer sent by Samarth. He makes a fake MMS of Vikram and Shobha to show their affair, and releases it infront of the media to claim Shobha of being bad character and showcase himself clean. Shobha and Vikram get shell socked by Samarth’s drastic cheap move.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

After saving Ishani from the road accident and professing his love for her comes a major shock for him. RV runs to meet Ishani at the hotel and shows his care and concern for her. As he holds her face, she shrugs it off and in a bold tone speaks of wanting to have a divorce from him. RV gets shocked. The first question arises – Why Ishani is taking such drastic step of separation from her side ? There is a special episode of MATSH this Sunday – 1st Feb @ 9 PM on Colors.

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There is festive mood in Modi family as there is Godh Bharai (baby shower) function of Radha and Paridhi together. While, Radha is pregnant with Jigar’s child, but Paridhi was made to have her Godh Bharai by Kokila’s order, even when Paridhi is not pregnant. The members of the family enjoyed Garba dance on the occasion. The twist comes in here as Kokila informs Radha that after the birth of her child she has to give the baby to Paridhi who will take care of the child. Radha is in shock as her child would be taken away and Paridhi will carry the role of mom even legally. Kokila has some reasons for it – first thinks Radha is unsound mentally and her recent attacks on Paridhi.

Maharana Pratap:

Kunwar Jagmal is still undeterred in his crime actions and thinking. Pratap has taken the blame on himself for Jagmal’s shooting at Dheer Bai and even after doing so didn’t listen to Ajabde on saying the truth and instead wants to keep silence. Jagmal gets another opportunity to attack Pratap when he goes with him to fight the man who was attacking cows. He carries gun and prepares to shoot at Pratap, but eventually gets stopped by someone. Dheer Bai has already sent Dhaman Singh to find Jagmal and take the gun from him. How Jagmal’s crime would be exposed to Udai Singh? Will Pratap break his silence on Jagmal’s evil actions?


Two more Karurs will be revealed in the show, having the Garuda powers. The Amrit protectors are getting revealed one by one and everyone is gathering in Mahakumbh by their mission to protect the Amrit from falling in wrong hands. Maya is heartbroken knowing her family can even kill Rudra and distances herself from Rudra. Rudra is not believing Maya, but taking a chance on Maai Mui’s words. Rudra comes to know Maya’s innocence and fears of losing her in the war of good over evil. The two protectors to get revealed are Thapadiya Maai and Katherine. Thapadiya Maai tells Maya that she has a relation with Rudra linked to this Mahakumbh and she will do her best to support Rudra. Katherine is also on same purpose and joins hands with Charles in upcoming episodes. Three more protectors are still under curtains, and Swami ji finds out about the two weakest protectors, whom they can control. Who are the rest of the protectors? How will Rudra save Maya and the Amrit?

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Nishi’s marriage day has finally come. Ragini is very happy for her daughter, and the Gujarati wedding is adding more colors to the show. They all gather for the Mata Puja, which they believe is very auspicious before the marriage. Ragini poses with Nivedita for the family photoshoot. Neil’s entry will be bringing more twist in the marriage. Sunny Taai bumps into Pam and Pam falls. The funny element comes as they both wear the same saree designs, just differing in color, which shocks Pam and everyone make fun of her. Pam scolds Sunny Taai for wearing a similar saree and Sunny Taai also passes taunting reply. Watch out the marriage function episodes for some good fun.

KumKum Bhagya:

Ahead in the show will be attacks on Bulbul to stop her marriage with Purab. Aaliya and Tanu will be trying hard to hurt Bulbul, and plan an acid attack on her, by sending her on shopping for her wedding dress intentionally. Bulbul gets glad for shopping for her dream wedding and is unaware of the upcoming dangers. She gets rescued in nick of the time, and Aaliya fails once again. What will Aaliya do now to stop Purab from marrying Bulbul.

Qubool Hai:

Faiz forces Haya to marry him, and has kidnapped Rahat. He asks Haya to save Rahat’s life and starts blackmailing her saying that marrying a widow is much easier than marrying a divorcee. He gives her the wedding dress and asks her to get ready soon. He prepares Rahat to be witness for their wedding. Rahat says he would better die than letting Faiz marry Haya against her will by forcing her. Rahat fights with Faiz and it leads to Rahat falling off the edge from high building. The twist comes as Rahat’s life gets in high risk and Haya tries to save him. Will Faiz fulfill his revenge by killing Rahat?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Indrajeet starts depending on Astha, which makes Pradeep and Rashmi worried. They try to mend the kids in their favor. Astha decided to change Ankush into a better person and accept Kalindi by his heart. She makes a plan and Shlok, Kalindi and Mala support her. They start their mission by making Ankush value relations, and fool him showing Astha’s annoyance towards Kalindi. Astha says she will be rude to Kalindi, and this will make Ankush react to favor Kalindi. On the other hand, Shlok is hired by Indrajeet as the male governess of Shantanu and Mishti. Ahilya takes a chance because of urgency to manage kids. Shlok stays angry seeing how Astha is treated by Poornima and others. While Indrajeet trusts Astha and likes her work, Shlok asks Astha to be careful from Indrajeet. Poornima’s outburst on Aastha for petty matter angers Shlok and he decides to teach her a lesson of manners, just like he did for Indrajeet. Will Shlok and Astha be able to hide their identities?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

The current track covers Amanpreet-Umesh marriage preparations; Nisha’s connection with Aarti is getting unfolded in front of others – Viraj’s aunt Gayatri; and Team Laksh preparing to win the Rajasthan Youth Icon talent show. Gayatri is not thankful to Nisha for saving Priyanka’s life and instead has the belief that Luck favored Nisha and it even came to her rescue. She wants her daughter Priyanka to outdo Nisha and her team with more vigorous efforts and moreover prepares to unearth the connection between Aarti and Nisha. She knows Viraj loves Aarti and thus anxious to know more who has won his heart. Nisha gets dreamy and thinks that Viraj loves her since he loves Aarti which is her own avatar. For the talent show’s finale, Nisha and her cousins would give a group performance. Will Nisha with her spirit and for her love for Viraj be able to win the finale which amounts to a miracle ? What’s more in store – drama for Amanpreet-Umesh’s intercaste marriage ?


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