Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 1st February 2015 Episode 20 [Last] starring Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Ananya gets stuck and doesn’t release the landing gear as she gets thoughts of the old man’s daughter blaming her for his death. She gets back to composure and does landing listening to ATC’s commands. Her senior co-pilot appreciates her landing. Aakash at his end is with his senior boss and they speak about the hired killer and the connection with project ID 2877. The senior boss wonders how David Kapoor is related and he also thinks they want to control INDE Airlines. He wants to meet Rohit mafatlal and speak to him about giving security. At Ananya’s home, her grandpa is searching for his specs and Anaya’s mom and shefali pulls his leg. He scolds shefali a bit and they show his specs which he was wearing on his head and gets smile. Meanwhile, Ananya comes home and Shefali continues to speak like British. She finds a letter from Inde Airlines and after some suspense informs her family on getting promoted and has become a captain and that letter is from Rohit. Rohit at his end is being told by Mr. Sen that a doctor came to see him and Aakash’s senior boss comes there as the doctor. Rohit identifies him as the one who has treated Aakash at the hospital. Aakash’s senior boss shows Awasthi’s photo to Rohit and informs that he is murdered. He also informs Rohit that his father has been killed by a hired killer and shows that man’s photo. Moreover, Aakash was also attacked by the same hired killer and Rohit asks how does he know all these things. Aakash’s senior boss discloses his identity of an inteligence officer from DIB [defense intelligence bureau].


He informs Rohit that a terrorist cell wants to use Inde airlines for their mission and suggests that even his life is in danger and wants to provide security 24/7. Rohit speaks about being always free and doesn’t wish to take the security but the senior boss speaks about big dangers. Meanwhile, the hired killer got the photo of Rohit and is approaching him. Rohit at his end speaks of his airlines international flight to kathmandu in few days which will have ministers on-board and wants to see his business prosper and it is his dad’s dream. He doesn’t want to compromise and the senior boss starts to leave and Rohit wants a favor from him that his father’s murder news should not be disclosed. Rohit thinks if that info is out then there will be negative publicity. The hired killer has already reached Rohit’s office and took the avatar of a plumber. Rohit at his end is working on his laptop and the killer is approaching towards him. He speaks of repairing things and gives a hug to Rohit. Rohit speaks to him about Aakash’s senior boss coming there and then they discuss about the plan. Rohit speaks that the project 2877 countdown will start in a day and he has already done the planning. Shefali congratulates Ananya since she has become a captain and feels proud. Ananya thinks Shefali will be succesful in music and Shefali suggests that Aakash would have been happy to hear Ananya’s promotion. Aakash at his end remembers on how he has taken away Mahima’s diary from Ananya and also apologizes to her for using in his work and cites he didn’t have any other option. The flashback shows Aakash showing formal behavior towards Ananya and handshake. Ananya at her end remembers moments with Aakash.. [Adhoori si Baat baaki hain.. song plays]

Later, Ananya comes to meet Rohit at his office and thanks him. He compliments her and speaks of knowing she has a off day. He calls her as one of the best pilots of Inde Airlines. He asks her for a favor. Aakash at his end looks at Mahima’s diary hard drive and looks at Rohit’s childhood photos and current photos playing tennis. He finds that Rohit in his childhood used to play with his left hand and now uses right hand and shows it to his staff assistant. Rohit at his end speaks to Ananya about the favor and shows her the international flying license for Inde Airlines. He speaks that first flight is off to Kathmandu and calls it great news. In the debut flight, there will be top celebrities, ministers and dignitaries and he asks for her help and wants her to be the captain of that flight. He speaks about his father’s dreams and wants to see it complete with someone of his own. He calls her the best pilot and wants to take the flight. Meanwhile, Aakash discusses with his senior boss about the discrepancy in Rohit’s hand usage. He thinks Rohit and his father would be part of the terrorrist organization. Aakash’s assistant comes and informs that Rohit had an accident during his graduation day in London and there is a mark on his left jaw which cannot go away even with plastic surgery. The current Rohit Mafatlal turns out to be a lookalike of actual Rohit and thanks Rohit for getting his position and identity. Aakash looks at the photo of David Kapoor and looks at the man in the background. After some thoughts, Aakash pinpoints that man to be AK whom he met during the Mission Khoj. At that time, AK ran away and was not caught by intelliegence. Aakash wonders about AK’s connection with project 2877.

He calls Tihar jail and wants to speak with the DCP there. He starts speaking with DCP and learns that for AK, 2877 has strong connection. It turns out that AK in Tihar jail is prisoner no 2877. Aakash deciphers it and informs his boss that Inde Airlines will get hijack tomorrow and wants to take some action. Rohit at his end is seen with the hired killer and some men. He speaks on how the hired killer has killed Rohit Mafatlal with the cyanide injection. There is Munna Bhai who came by crossing the border and asks the lookalike of Rohit about the plan. The fake Rohit speaks of his plan in first kidnapping Shefali to make sure Ananya heeds to their orders of landing the plane where they want and kunal will help them. He tells Munna Bhai on taking the role of Mahesh Tripathi and the hired killer – doctor will board the plane as doctor Abhay singh. He also informs that the plane will be loaded with things which the killer (as doctor) need. The hired killer asks fake Rohit what-if Ananya take the plane to Kathmandu and Rohit asks him to kill one of the VIPs to make sure she listens to them. The fake Rohit speaks that at any cost they will free their brother. Aakash comes to confront a prisoner in jail and wants to get the info from him. He speaks of not knowing Rohit Mafatlal and Aakash takes out his gun and will count until 3. The man gets afraid and wants to disclose all to Aakash. Next day, Ananya prepares to leave from her home to take the international flight. Ananya’s mom has concern since she is flying the plane for the first time as a captain. They bless her and she leaves. Kunal calls Shefali and they talk on meeting and decides to meet at JMC around 7 pm.

Aakash discusses with his intelligence team about their plan and they all prepare for Mission Airlines. The hired killer is caught in his car but to evade arrest he kills himself with a cyanide injection. Munna Bhai aka Tripathi at his end is also caught by the intelligence. Shefali waits for Kunal and a car comes and some men kidnaps her. Meanwhile, Aakash comes to meet Rohit and speaks about first surprise that first international flight of Inde Air, second surprise of Ananya being the pilot, and thirdly journalists and ministers to be part of mid-air party. Aakash speaks of having a surprise and suggests that the one for whom he has doing such thing is no more there. He informs fake Rohit that 2877 is dead and shows AK’s photo. The fake Rohit speaks of not knowing him and Aakash calls him Babu and suggests that his plan was fine but not as good as the intelligence. Aakash points the gun at him and Ananya comes there and fake Rohit tries to distract Aakash by suggesting Ananya that he is being attacked because Aakash thinks he loves Ananya. With Aakash and Rohit’s fight, the gun falls in Ananya’s hand. She points the gun at Aakash and once Rohit gets a chance he takes out another gun and Ananya shoots at him. The fake Rohit is killed. The media news speaks about all the men with project 2877 have been killed and also speak about Shefali’s kidnapping by kunal. Aakash and his boss see the news and are happy to have resolved the case and even shefali is free. Ananya comes to meet Aakash and she now knows that he is DIB agent as well  a pilot.

He compliments her on becoming the captain. Both are seen in their pilot attire and Aakash wants to say something. He confesses his love for Ananya and speaks of always loving her. Ananya smiles and they share a warm hug after becoming lovestruck. Ananya speaks that the right is the one which cannot be taken from you and if a women decides then you can find paths even in the sky. The story of Airlines ends on that note.



  2. its actually sad.I also wanna seen akash and ananya luv story.plz do something…
    I really happy DAT at last akash confess his luv.
    I miss da show very much.luv u both akash and ananya


  4. I miss u akya u are my frist lov i want my love back season 2 i am watting for u please please please please please please please please give me my love back.akash ananya i alwayas love u i want my spical sunday back:-*;-);-):-*:-):-):-D:-D:-PB-)

  5. Thank u for this written and os on the other sight i love thoes os it feel me like i am watching airlines and akya who is very close to my heart


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