Private Investigator 8th Episode 1st February 2015, The Fashion Show Murder Mystery Case on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator - Fashion Show Murder Mystery on Star Plus

Raffe is seen falling down in a make-up room after getting injected and is unable to stand. The story goes back to 3 days earlier. Raffe is seen visiting Vijay and finds a lady there talking on phone. She asks Vijay to look at the beauty contest which now faces a problem. He looks at her IPAD and speaks that there are two kinds of size zero people – one who dies with hunger and other who employs plastic surgery but still doesn’t get content. He asks Neena what are the secrets of her beauty contest and comments on the funny title – Baawli Indian princess whom she is trying to find and even the tagline is Beauty Contests – Aurton Ki insult (insult to women). Raffe laughs on that note. Neena speaks about the girl – Baawli princess who is sending many mails to her. Vijay thinks maybe its not a girl but a boy and reminds Neena that she has grown much by her efforts and was once a contestant and now a CEO of a beauty pageant. She continues to ask him for help but he replies on being busy in writing his book – Birds of Bombay. She tries to come close and asks for his help. He speaks of looking into her matter and before leaving she gives him a pen drive with all the contestants details including their families. She thinks the girl who is chirping a lot on social media and annoying her could be find there. She leaves after hugging him.


Raffe begins to talk with Vijay and wants to work with him since he can learn a lot. Raffe speaks about his detective agency and wants to provide technical and research services to Vijay. Vijay declines to work with Raffe and cites on working alone. Raffe is fine if Vijay doesn’t want to collaborate but still wants to learn from him since all his inputs were very sharp. Vijay agrees to him since he has already made up his mind. Vijay hands over the pen drive of fashion contest to Raffe and speaks that he will now handle the case and suggests on no case is small. Raffe speaks of solving the case in just 4 hours since it is not a murder mystery. He calls Raghav and wants to know the IP address of a social network profile. Later, he comes home and his mom speaks about Johnny Depp and film making process. Raffe clarifies on having interest in criminology and she informs about Raghav’s presence is his room. He meets Raghav and learns about there is some tech problem and  they need to go near the location. Raffe understands that Raghav is playing and creating some story and next day they go to the beauty contest location. Raghav informs that chirps are coming from Disco Deewane ID and Raffe then calls Vijay and speaks that the case has been solved. He instructs Raffe to meet Neena and they meet her.

Raffe informs about Disco Deewane as the ID from where the messages are coming. Raghav informs her that he needs to hack that device and she then gives them 2 passes for their entry in the resort and even her technical team will help them. Raghav is still in awe of models and they go inside and finds beauty contest contestants doing a ramp walk. Raghav gets much awe and he finds a super model and then finds Lucky as a contestant and there was one woman acting bit strange to see her daughter being told by a man on how to pose. Lucky speaks of coming there to remove her stage fright and asks about them. She talks about Baawli Indian princess and asks whether they are looking for her. She suggests on liking her since she is saying truth and the contest is actually a zoo. She speaks about a girl Rachel who is having much attitude. He meets Neena and she speaks of knowing the Disco Deewane ID and goes to meet Roy – a choreographer. He speaks of being busy and thinks Neena doesn’t give him much time and soon he begins to get cough and falls on the floor and dies. It turns out that Roy was diabetic and also had a tatoo mark. Inspector Tiwari marks his entry there and looks at the girls and informs them that Roy’s death was a murder and not natural death. He was chirping a lot and the girl who thought on getting exposed has murdered him. He asks other girls to not worry since there is only one murderer. He wants to speak with each of them alone and attends a call from his wife. Raffe comes to know Tiwari is married but he suggests on not winning a Nobel prize so he haven’t infomed.

Tiwari and Raffe goes to check Roy’s room and finds extra card slot and also insulin injection boxes and reaffirms that Roy was diabetic. Tiwari thinks that Neena Parmar has killed Roy as he was the chirper. Raffe wonders how Neena could attack Roy since she came to know he is the chirper just 15 mins before his death. Tiwari meets Neena with Raffe and tries to blame her for Roy’s murder. She gets annoyed with Tiwari and asks why she will do such thing and she would have just fired Roy for his chirping activity. She wants to speak with Tiwari’s boss ACP Khan asking for a competent officer. Tiwari changes to soft tone and she asks Raffe and Raghav to return the security badges. Just then, she receives a message from Bawli princess and she learns that Roy was not the chirper and there is someone else. Raghav finds Roy’s girlfriend to be Baawli princess and they were chatting online and were discussing their marriage plans. Raffe finds Baawli India Princess’s message for Roy and she wants to get married with him once the contest gets over. Sooner, Raffe gets a message from Bawli and she speaks of knowing the killer and will reveal soon. Neena gets thinking and asks Raffe/Raghav to stay and find the actual chirper.

Raffe wants Neena to bring all the contestants at one place for 45 minutes and then they will take next step. She goes ahead to inform the contestants that the police has caught the killer and asks them to leave to their rooms. Raghav comes to Lucky and informs that the killer is being interrogated in room no 330. All the girls hear it and is approaching to that room but one girl becomes quiet and stays away. Raffe meets the girl Sneha and calls her as Baawli Princess. Tiwari comes to question her and reminds her about the message where she bluffed about knowing the killer. She discloses and agrees it was a bluff and identifies herself as a journalist and shows the office card to Raffe. She opens-up on her chirping and speaks that her newspaper hired a tech consultant to hack the devices of the contest. Raffe speaks that she is the girlfriend of Roy but she declines and speaks of sending chirping messages using the Baawli princess id. She speaks of not knowing Roy’s GF when asked by Raffe and moreover suggests of having a scoop. She discloses that Neena Parmar has fixed the beauty contest and the winner is already known and there was a clause in judges’ contract. Raffe and Tiwari get puzzled. Tiwari wants to wait until tomorrow for the autopsy report. Next morning, the autopsy report informs that instead of insulin, heperin – a blood thinner was given to Roy. When it is given in high dose it results in choking and possible death.

Raffe speaks of Roy’s girlfriend and thinks her as the prime suspect since in Roy’s room there was extra key card. Neena has preponed the contest and informs the media that the contest will start the same night. She then meets Vijay and Raffe and speaks about business and amount of work she has put in. He informs her that the contest is rigged and she replies that it all depends on sponsors as they will eventually choose the girl for their brand. Vijay asks who is that girl chosen by sponsors and Raffe speaks its Rachel. She gets bit surprised on how Raffe knows the girl and Raffe thinks Roy knows about Rachel and asks her whether she was her GF. She speaks on keeping much tab on Rachel and why she will have an affair with Roy, a choreographer. Tiwari comes and threatens Neena asking her to not do rigging in the competition. Vijay thinks that the case is solved since chirper is found. But Raffe speaks that Roy’s murderer is not found yet. Vijay speaks that no one is very clean and you will find corruption, deceit and trickery here and asks Raffe why he wants to enter in this space. Raffe speaks of not shying away from the mess and wants to unravel the truth and then Vijay asks him to face the truth and leaves. Later, Vijay comes to meet Raffe’s mom Anita and informs her of Raffe’s work as a Private Investigator – P.I. She gets upset to hear it and Vijay thinks by hiding the biggest truth from Raffe she has made him yearn to know the truth of others.

Anita thinks its not the right time and Vijay speaks that Raffe is smart and has an eye for details and temperament. He suggests to let Raffe continue his work but Anita gets more annoyed and speaks of leaving the city. Vijay speaks that even in a new city Raffe will do the same thing and suggests that their fears cannot be put on children. He asks her to decide and he will abide by any decision she takes. She gets thinking and carries teary face. Meanwhile, the contest gets underway and Raffe finds a girl – Kriska with the same tattoo like Roy on the back of her neck. He keeps an eye on her and follows to her room. She suggests he followed her but he corrects her by saying actually she has let him come to her. He asks whether she is Roy’s GF and she replies yes. He reminds that Roy made another card for her and then asks why she has killed Roy. With a smile on her face, she speaks to Raffe that he came very close to the truth and throws a box of medicines. She is sure that he will find the murder weapon of Roy. He then asks she meant to say there is someone else who is the killer. She opens-up more and speaks that after the contest she was going to get married with Roy. He asks why she didn’t went to police if she had love Roy. She comes close to Raffe and speaks of becoming a star and then applies an injection to him. She speaks that for Roy she was just a dream and what he has done to her jail wasn’t enough. She leaves from there and goes to the stage. The contest winner is announced who is none other than Kriska Walia – Roy’s GF. Meanwhile, Raffe tries to crawl towards the stage but faces much difficulty.

Kriska dedicates the win to her mom and also dedicates the crown to her. She speaks of seeing different kinds of dreams in childhood and reminds that her mother’s dream is fulfilled today. But she has lost someone of her own in this competition. She wants to get freedom from her mother’s dream and falls down on the floor. Her mother comes on the stage and cries heavily and asks for apology. She admits in killing Roy. At Raffe’s home, Anita sees the news and learns about Princess India contest winner Kriska had made an attempt to take her life after winning the contest but with immediate treatement she got saved. Her mom Pamela is the murderer of Roy and got arrested. Pamela wanted dearly that her daughter wins the contest and she forgot on what she is doing to her. The media reporter speaks that parents’s work is to make their children talented and not to put the burden of dreams or fears on them. Anita closes the news and goes to find Raffe sleeping in his room. She recollects Vijay’s words that she has hidden the big truth from Raffe and is worried about fears.

Next week: Ranjana is searching for her newborn child and the hospital staff is speaking that her child is lost. Raffe and Tiwari begins to find clues on the stolen baby mystery.


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