Baldev seeks divorce from Veera by Bansuri’s plan

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baldev veera

Baldev is still living a traumatized life. Veera is still trying hard to win Baldev’s love. Baldev is giving her hard tasks and she is still being obedient. Baldev’s court case has shut completely and Rajveer has got arrested for his crimes, but he still sleeps on the ground recalling the jail trauma. Veera sticks to him all the time, and takes care of him. She does all his work hoping her efforts can change his mind some day and he will turn back to her old Baldev. The fight is going ahead and Baldev decides to seek divorce from her. Bansuri has given this idea to Baldev and asks Veera to sign on it. While Veera refuses, Baldev signs on the papers and gives one month time to Veera.

Ranvi counsels Baldev and asks him to not fail in love, as Veera’s love is the most valuable thing in his life. He asks Baldev not to act too adamant, and apologizes to him asking him to give Veera her deserved happiness. Baldev does not listen to Ranvi and Veera. He comes under Bansuri’s poisoning words against Veera. He still believes Veera does not trust him, and she will again change her mind if he is blamed for anyone’s murder or any other heinous crime. Veera explains Baldev that she did everything as she loves him. Baldev gives her one chance to prove her strong trust on him. Veera determines to make Baldev realize her true love.






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