Sandhya back in Rathi home with deserved admiration in Diya Aur…



Sooraj apologizes to Sandhya infront of the media when he goes to receive her bravery award in the Republic function. Sandhya cries seeing Sooraj on tv and accepts his apology. Sooraj does not know that Sandhya is still in Pushkar. While Zakir and Ankur know the Sandhya’s real reason not to go Scotland, they hide it from Sooraj on Sandhya’s insistence. Sooraj says he is very proud of Sandhya and shares Sandhya’s brave moments and sacrifices she made for the family. Finally, Sooraj has been successful in getting Sandhya home. Bhabho does Sandhya’s aarti. Sooraj supports Sandhya and makes her uniform ready showing his acceptance towards her duty. Sooraj showcases his love and Sandhya thanks him. Sandhya’s career was possible only because of Sooraj’s efforts. He has made her dream equal to his dream and always supported her. The couple celebrates Valentine’s Day by thanking each other.


The family is happy to have Sandhya back. Sandhya has to solve Chavi’s problem and she has many tasks lined up. Sooraj places Sandhya Sooraj Rathi’s name board outside the house and gives her respect. Meenakshi is tensed as Sandhya will not spare her knowing they all have sold the house to Ankur. Sandhya takes permission from Bhabho that she will not wear sarees and wear Salwar Kameez at home. Bhabho gives her permission. Sandhya does so because she is hiding a big truth, of her kidney given to Bhabho. What will be Sooraj’s reaction knowing about Sandhya’s big truth? Keep reading.


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