TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi senses tension in Titu’s family and tries to talk to Surekha. Surekha who disliked her, starts ignoring her. Panchi wants to know does Surekha has some problem with her and Titu’s marriage. Surekha does not answer anything and wants to make sure Titu does not come back. Govind doubts Surekha to be behind Titu’s runaway and sends Mukund and Keshav to get back Titu before the mahurat time. Mukund tries hard to get Titu. The guest start talking about Titu’s absence and this worries Panchi and her family. Will Titu come back to marry Panchi?

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Neil comes in Nishi’s marriage functions. Ragini bumps into him and gets away seeing Nivedita with him. They all have Dandiya dance. Ragini gets happy seeing Nishi’s happiness. Nivedita gets jealous of Ragini and hangs around Neil. She gets closer to Neil on pretext of cleaning something from his hair, and this irks Ragini, who was also trying to do the same. Neil surprises everyone by his Dandiya moves.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

There is something different in the show after a long time. Gopi kisses Ahem and there is some romance between them, seen after a long time. Ahem is stunned by Gopi’s much romantic mood and hugs her. Gopi names Radha’s daughter as Rashi. Radha plans to hurt the baby as she is not of use for her. Ahem and Gopi are soon going to leave for America for work purpose. Gopi hugs all the kids and tells them that she will always care for them. Ahem cancels his decision to go America, but all the family members act supportive of his decision. Paridhi claims all rights on the baby, and Radha’s anger increases. Jigar and Paridhi’s aarti is done by Baa and Radha is sidelined. Its master plan of Kokila to ignores Radha. Radha will not be quiet, as she decides to bring a storm in their lives.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Soumya, Rags and Menka plan a picnic and sit in Yuvraaj’s car asking him to drive. He waits for Suhani and Suhani gets busy in making the food arrangements for the picnic. Soumya keeps in insisting him to leave. Yuvraaj waits a lot and he gets irritated. He leaves Suhani alone and goes with Soumya and others. Suhani does not know why Yuvraaj left her and decides to reach there on her own. Soumya smiles thinking she has finally taken Suhani’s place.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naitik is leaving for work purpose. He is upset as he is leaving Akshara and Naksh. He explains her about the work urgency and she allows him to go. They recall that Naitik had to leave even at Naksh’s time. Naksh says he will take care of Akshara and baby, and asks him to come back soon to welcome the baby. Naitik hugs Akshara and Naksh, and gets emotional. He talks to the baby before leaving and assures that he will be back soon. Everyone gives good wishes to Naitik and cry seeing him leave.


Baldev is still living a traumatized life. Veera is still trying hard to win Baldev’s love. Baldev is giving her hard tasks and she is still being obedient. Baldev’s court case has shut completely and Rajveer has got arrested for his crimes, but he still sleeps on the ground recalling the jail trauma. Veera sticks to him all the time, and takes care of him. She does all his work hoping her efforts can change his mind some day and he will turn back to her old Baldev. The fight is going ahead and Baldev decides to seek divorce from her. Bansuri has given this idea to Baldev and asks Veera to sign on it. While Veera refuses, Baldev signs on the papers and gives one month time to Veera.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The race begins soon and Shagun makes all efforts to fail Ishita. Ishita falls in the race and gets hurt. Everyone encourage her to get up and run. Ishita gains confidence thinking about her aim to give happiness to Ruhi and keep her trust. She gets up and starts running pretty faster than all others. Shagun also makes her best efforts, but Ishita surpasses soon and wins the race. Raman and everyone clap for Ishita. Raman gets angry on Shagun and supports Ishita. He gets surprised and very glad seeing Ishita’s victory. Mrs. Bhalla acts apologetic to Shagun because of Ishita’s victory and Adi’s mood spoiling. Ishita wins the 1st prize and everyone is happy for her, as she proved to be the best mother. Raman romances with her ,being happy seeing Ishita winning over Shagun. Shagun gets the second prize and is annoyed, as the trophy is meaningless for her.


The family members blame Arzoo for trying to drown and kill Zeenat, when the water level was not even 5 feet down. It will be shown that Zeenat is standing in the pool in a comatose state but didn’t know how and why she reached there? Sahir too blames Arzoo and this comes as a shock to her. Until now, Sahir is unaware of the person behind the attacks. With much certainty, it would be shown the killer is hired by Alvira to get rid of Sahir in order to get hold of Saiyyara (Sahir’s fashion house).

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

In Gangwal’s family, Amanpreet-Umesh marriage preparations are going on. In the track ahead, there is entry of Viraj’s younger brother Kabir and it seems he will fall in love with Nisha. It is to be reminded that Nisha is currently going through emotional heartbreak and is also uncertain on what will happen once Viraj knows the truth therefore kabir’s entry can throw some directions.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya writes a love letter for Abhi. She gets restless to find Abhi and know his reaction. Pragya wants to change in Abhi’s love. Tanu comes in between Pragya and Abhi. She is worried to face Abhi, and writes all her feelings in the letter. After much difficulty, she gives the letter to Abhi. But before he can read it, Tanu makes an entry and takes Abhi away. Her love confession gets half done and hoping she gets succeeded in winning Abhi’s heart.

Qubool Hai:

Sanam and Seher team up and plant doubt in Aahil’s mind that his dad is murdered by Tanveer. Aahil refuses to believe it, and Sanam gives him many evidences. Aahil gets Sulaiman Chacha’s statements for dad’s murder’s case, but it’s wrong and Aahil feels only Sulaiman Chacha can tell him the complete truth. Aahil is thankful to Sanam for putting light on truth, but is afraid seeing his trust break on Tanveer. Sanam assures Aahil that she will always be with him, and makes efforts to open his eyes and see the truth.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ishani asks Ranvir for divorce and also alimony. She gets two lawyers with her and wants Ranvir to give away his diamond company to her. Ranvir feels like its all a big lie and can’t believe Ishani is doing this. Amba is shocked too as Ishani clears that she will free Ranvir only when she gets all her rights. Ishani takes Ranvir’s sign on the papers. Amba says she knew Ishani married Ranvir just for his money and status. She passes some taunts on Ishani, and Ranvir feels his mom was always right. He thinks he never agreed to his mom when she was alerting him, and now this is the result of his marriage. The truth behind this twist is…. Ishani has some big motive which she is hiding as of now. Ranvir and Ishani have to go through a tough phase to get deserving happiness.

Shastri Sisters:

While Neil has realized his mistake to put Devyaani is a risky situation, he now wants to keep his friendship clean. Bobby tells Devyaani about Neil’s plan to trick her to break her heart, and Devyaani confronts Neil about the same. Neil accepts his mistake and apologizes to her. Devyaani decides not to forgive him, and sticks to her first opinion about him that he is not a good person. Neil gets upset and tries to genuinely love her. Devyaani maintains a distance from Neil and avoids him. Will Neil be able to seek her forgiveness?




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