Manik gets more concern for Nandini as Soha's obsession plot thickens and inches closer to its end

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The obsession angle in Manik and Nandini’s love from Soha is also known to Manik and he learns about Soha’s spying and her intentions to do any harm to win her love. Moroever, he understands about Soha’s role in devising attacks against Nandini before and gets more concern for Nandini. Until now, Nandini bore the brunt of Mr. Khurana’s blackmail and threats and he wants her to be away from Manik otherwise he will destroy Fab 5’s future as he is the producer of the music album. Nandini is worried on the thought to stay away from Manik and understands that Khurana is doing all such things for his daughter’s happiness and well-being. She prepares to tell Manik the truth. The fireflies symbolizes Manik and Nandini’s blossoming true love and she realizes very well on loving him and he reciprocates his feelings by showing warmth, affection and care. And now with Soha’s obsession plot thickens, there will be more consolidation of Manik and Nandini’s feelings of love and their relationship to prosper more. Coming to Soha, her crush on Manik leading to intense obsession is not the only thing since she is also on medication and there is more to her story and thus for those reasons her father supported in wrongdoing. Moreover, as her plot is coming closer to its culmination with Cabir’s disapperance and her own impatient behavior, it would shed light on the core reasons why she enacted and behaved in such a manner. However, it turns out Cabir who was disgruntled and dejected decides to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge and Manik & Dhruv comes to his rescue and saves his life.

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With the entry of music teacher (Pandit ji) for Nandini in teaching Veena, it would be interesting to see how a strict teacher will shape the music knowledge in her and also bring more dimension to her thoughts and perspective. The larger question arises, Whether he is going to fall in Nandini’s charm and innocence ? Aliya is going through a phase where she wants to keep her relationship with Dhruv private and doesn’t want to reveal to Fab 5 since she is concerned and is aware on how her past relationship with Manik was like an open book and all the events and moments were known to Fab 5. However, Dhruv is having hard time to understand her rationale and prefers to be quiet as he prefers their relationship to be known to others. , Dhruv and Aliya will learn from Soha’s truth which would be known to Fab 5 as well and inform them on the challenges one faced in a relationship and the fightback of Manik-Nandini will motivate them. Will Dhruv be able to accept Aliya’s reasoning and find happiness ? There is some mystery with Abhimanyu’s death since his mother argues that he died six months ago and Mukti is much puzzled since she met him couple of days back and also have realized his importance in her life when he is away from her. Will Mukti come to know of Abhimanyu and get confirmation that he is indeed dead ?

Finally, Navya continues to face hardships though got a relief and respect from her college principal but that’s not the case from her hostel warden. Mukti helps her in getting temporary shelter but the question is whether she will hold courage to carry on with the pregnancy as she feels scared to even talk to her parents. It could be a possibility that Navya and Cabir stay together for some valid reasons. Cabir continues to struggle with his mom who is worried about him being gay and doesn’t wish that he stay with her. Thus to add new dimension to his life, he might be supporting Navya who is going through difficult time as well. Will Cabir get his job back paving the way in managing his livelihood and security ?


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