Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 88 starring Smriti Khanna and Suyyash Rai, 8th February 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 88 - Smriti Khanna and Suyyash Rai

The story starts with Yana  – the cupid girl in this story speaking with her mom who asks her to come home. Reeva is also there at some restaurant and she is Yana’s boss. Yana has arranged a blind date for Reeva though she is not interested. Yana – the assistant wants Reeva to attend the date and also reminds on her forthcoming show – What Girls Want. Tapan comes there as the blind date of Reeva and Yana pushes her to meet him. Tapan is playing video game on his mobile and makes a taunt on Reeva that he was waiting for a girl. He speaks of liking games and she speaks of not liking video games and he thinks she has some quality of a girl. He orders first without asking her and she then orders grilled chicken with chilly sauce. He suggests her to order some other dish but she is adamant. He looks at her and speaks of checking out. She gets more annoyed and he speaks of not apologizing to people and calls her as comic. She introduces herself as the content head of some production company and her new show is coming soon. He speaks of looking for idea to do what next. She talks more on her reality show – What girls want. He suggests girls are confused and they need choices in life and then they don’t know what to do. He suggests that she got tears after eating chilly. He asks her to change the show to What Boy’s want. She gets more annoyed and calls him male chauvinist.

She comes to her office and confronts Yana on the mismatch date. Yana speaks that her date’s compatibility was 90 %. Moreover, she doesn’t want to see Reeva and Tapan’s packup so quickly. Two weeks later, Reeva is unhappy with the ratings of her show and gets worried since she has called celebrities. Yana shows the video of Tapan’s show What Boy’s want. Reeva speaks that Tapan has stolen her idea and Yana learns that Reeva has shared about her show during the date. Reeva is forced to watch Tapan’s video. In the video, he speaks about girls’ liking order and soon she is called in her boss’s cabin. Her boss speaks that the show will pick up ratings since there will be some format changes and also an additional host Mr. Tapan. Reeva calls him a thief and speaks on stealing the idea of their show. He speaks of giving her the idea and calls her as the feminist. He has proved her wrong and the boss wants her to work with him and wants to see the show succeed. Yana wants to start her cupid work. Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that Tapan and Reeva were poles apart. Let’s see their love story.

Reeva sees the video of Tapan with the show – What’s Girl want and the video gets positive comment from people. She gets more annoyed. Meanwhile, Yana meets Tapan at some bar. She speaks that her boss is very good but sometimes get hyper. She shows him the storyboard for next episode and he speaks that content will not work. She asks him about changes. He thinks of seeing her before and wonders where. Tapan thinks the problem is with Reeva and Yana talks more good things about Reeva. She asks him to talk once with Reeva and speaks that she is perfectionist like him. Tapan joins the Reeva’s office and after giving shot some girls come to compliment him. He gives credit to Reeva for the concept and work behind the show and asks the girls to get the autograph from her. Reeva, Yana and Tapan are having a storyboard session. Yana excuses herself to bring some food and he wants to talk to her. But she shows her displeasure and talks about being upset. He goes to find Yana as Reeva wants but finds the main door to be locked from outside. Yana calls Reeva and excuses herself from work citing that her father’s health is not good. Reeva wonders who will open the door and calls some numbers but in vain. She is scared if the door doesn’t open. Both argue for a while and she speaks of not having interested in him. He thinks atleast she spoke of not having interest.

They go on to prepare some noodles in the office kitchen. He also speaks of knowing cooking and reminds her that max chefs in the world are men. She eats the noodles well and he thinks that their misunderstanding is resolved. He suggests they play a game to know their likes and dislikes and it is a comptability test. They write answers for different questions relating to their favorite things. The compatibility test results reveal that their answers match 90 %. She recollects Yana’s words who spoke about 90 % compatibility. Reeva and Tapan are coming closer and even the ratings of the show are getting increaser. Yana is glad to see them. Later, Tapan goes to a cafeteria with Reeva and there comes Yana’s mom. She reminds Tapan that he was supposed to meet Yana at the home and he gets shocked. Reeva soon learns that Yana has arranged her date with Tapan and he is the one who was going to come to her home for arrranged marriage proposal. She asks Yana why she did such a thing and makes a taunt at her. Yana clarifies that she was going to meet Tapan but she was not interested in marriage and even he was not interested. He just asked for her date and she arranged his date with Reeva. Yana speaks of going with the comptability test with Tapan and Reeva. She suggests of not doing any prank or lie. Reeva gets annoyed and speaks of her fear on falling in relationships since someone can hurt her. She believes that the same thing happened to her and cries. Later, at her home she doesn’t accept Tapan’s call.

Next day, Reeva offers her resignation to the boss and cites that the show’s ratings have increased and even Tapan is there as well. He comes there and asks her to listen once. Yana comes and closes the door once again. Tapan speaks to Reeva on not having interest in marriage before but after meeting her his life and thoughts have changed. He speaks that she knows what to do in life and the same thing boy’s want. He confesses his love to her and her appearance is open and also reminds on her creative and committed work. He holds her and wants to know what Reeva wants and says the I love you message. She replies that for him she was just the barter. He is thankful for the barter exchange and calls it as the right mistake and is ready to bear the punishment because he really loves her. She hits him with love and showers a warm hug confessing her love. [ Yeh hai Aashiqui title song plays]. Yana gets glad to see both realizing their mutual love and she now pushes for their marriage. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that love has no reasons and the only reason is love. Reeva and Tapan’s new show What Boy’s and Girl’s Want goes on air. The couple Tapan and Reeva hosts the show and Reeva takes the last shot by speaking that Girls are always right and Tapan agrees with her.

Info on Cast:

* Reeva is portrayed by actress Smriti Khanna
– Smriti is originally from Noida and now works in Mumbai.
– Debuted with Channel V’s show Its Complicated
– Currently working in Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and portraying the role of Ritika.
– Twitter page of  Smriti

* Tapan is portrayed by actor and musician  Suyyash Rai
– Role of Shivani’s brother in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 7th episode on 4th July 2014
– Worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 51 aired on 13th July 2014 in the role of Shaan
– Played the role of Himmat Singh Sangwan in the recently concluded Life OK show Kaisa Yeh Ishq hai (ended on 23rd May 2014).
– Suyyash’s Twitter page

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