Ishaan and Urmi to counter a veiled deceitful relationship move from Samrat in Doli Armaanon Ki


doli armanon ki

Ishaan and Urmi marriage preparations are going on with his cousin Sunder from Jhansi trying his best to stop their marriage. Sunder is plotted by Damini and Sandhya and his actions are for money’s sake. Ishaan and Urmi’s marriage will go on unscathed with Sunder’s moves biting the dust. The marriage proceedings begin with Sindoor, Mangalsutra and Saath Pheras along with marriage vows are also taken. Around that time, a big twist happens with the entry of Samrat. Samrat comes with Tani – Ishaan’s sister and is seen to have married with her with garlands depicting the same. He greets Ishaan by introducing him as his brother-in law (saala). Ishaan had earlier spoken with Samrat and both confronted each other on phone but at that time Ishaan had down played Samrat’s threats and didn’t took them much seriously. Now, he gets a big shock to see Samrat to be the husband of his sister.

Tani had gone to Goa and Samrat was also staying there and  was keeping a tab on Urmi. She earlier spoke to Ishaan about bringing a big gift and he asked her to not bring anything and little he knew that the gift would turn out to be a big disaster. Samrat tricked Tani in marrying her and his intentions is to create troubles for Ishaan and Urmi and also continues to say that Shaurya is his son. Thus, Ishaan’s happiness is cut short and now he has to deal with Samrat in a more robust way since there is forced and deceitful relationship between them. Ishaan’s dad Anirrudh was unhappy with Tani earlier as she was arrested by police for late night party and now once she got tricked, she accepted the proposal and even got married without informing her family. What would be Tani’s take after she comes to know of Samrat’s truth ? How Ishaan, Urmi and his parents deal and tackle Samrat in such a scenario ?

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  1. Samrat is the perfect person for Tani. If she thought her parents were mistreating her, now she’s going to know what that means.

    • Samrat is using Tani so can take a revenge from urmi and Ishaan samrat could never be perfect husband he’s type of person where no woman can stay with him can’t be trusted he’s woman abusive


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