Nisha's inherent love for Viraj flip-flops to hate post Aarti's identity truth revelation

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Let’s dvelve first by saying about Nisha and Viraj’s love – True and unconditional love will always find its way though it also needs to pass the tests of circumstances, changed emotions, and new settings/equations with people.

Viraj is going through mix of happiness and dejection since Laksh academy would be getting funding from investors after Team Laksh won the Rajasthan talent show. But on the other hand, Nisha’s truth of being Aarti comes out in open in a very bad way. Viraj falls prey in Gayatri’s plan and she is the mastermind in revealing Nisha’s identity of Aarti. Moreover, Nisha-Aarti and Viraj’s mail conversations are leaked on the Internet with Sourabh’s mail getting hacked on Gayatri’s orders. Viraj is much hurt and faces much difficulty in accepting the truth and to add more insult his first love story with Kiara is also out. He shows his believe in Gayatri who is accusing Nisha of taking revenge against Viraj and then her dad Ramesh Gangwal steps in. Nisha’s grandpa Dada ji is witnessing all such events which are taking place after Team Laksh’s felicitation. As Viraj’s disapproves Ramesh’s argument, Dada ji gets annoyed and slaps him. Viraj’s personality took a U-turn since Dada ji used to like him a lot and even Viraj is one of the witness in Umesh-Amanpreet’s legal marriage.

Gayatri is happy to seperate Nisha from Viraj and her ugly plan worked out more than she expected. Nisha gets much upset but still prepares to meet Viraj to clear her point at the lounge. It has to be seen whether Viraj meets her or not with Gayatri possibly tricking him again. Nevertheless, post the lounge event Nisha’s inherent love for Viraj is going to change into hate. She gets teary eyed with thoughts on Viraj and at this juncture, Kabir [who is going to turn out Viraj’s younger brother] marks his entry at the lounge and on the show. He finds Nisha to be much heartbroken and badly hurt in love. He tries to cheer her by giving an analogy of a broken heart with electricity bill. He suggests that they need to tackle within time otherwise there will be darkness in life. Nisha is not listening to him and not concerned on what he said. However, Kabir is confident and vows to make sure that she will understand on the need to be happy instead of being gloomy with hatred. Kabir’s entry is also going to usher change not only in Nisha but also in Viraj. Will Kabir be able to develop a new perspective in Nisha and help in her ability to cope up in the hardest of times ? What about Viraj, though he has thanked her many times but is he going to realize his mistake of improper behavior with Nisha ? What’s more in Nisha-Viraj-Kabir’s story ahead ?

On another front, parallel tracks focusing on Amanpreet-Umesh post marriage and Dolly’s turbulent equation with her mother-in law. Umesh is going through sweet and naive experiences during the first days of marriage and his dad pushes him to go for his honeymoon. Dolly at her end didn’t listened to her mother-in law taunts and lies and told upfront and got help by her grandmom. Will Dolly find able support in her husband Sumeet to deal with her mom-in law ?

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