Titu and Panchi begin their married life with sweet and carefree moments


panchi titu tu mera hero


Panchi becomes Mrs. Titu after her marriage which had some suspense but Titu make a heroic entry and impresses Panchi and both families. Panchi’s dad Kamlesh is glad with Titu and his antics and Panchi at her end also vows to shower love to Titu and his family. After marriage ceremony comes the Grah Pravesh ritual and Surekha tries to evade Panchi’s welcome by excusing herself and Govind understands her plan. Panchi waits for more time and even falls down due to weakness. The ritual gets complete and Panchi starts her married life in Titu’s home. She does Prayers and Aarti in the morning and takes care of the responsibilities of a daughter in law (Bahu), and impresses Surekha. Later, she takes care of the kitchen and prepares a sweet dish – Almonds Halwa. Titu and Panchi are poles apart in their personality as Titu prefers laziness and casual attitude while Panchi believes in organizing well and being pro-active. Nonetheless, Titu continues to remain in his own self post marriage and carries on with his fun banter which impresses Panchi and even his mom Surekha.

In the track ahead, Panchi’s personality of sticking to her beliefs will be more evident when she gives a lecture to a flower vendor who was ill treating his wife by forcefully removing her earrings.  Rekha and Mukund are also there in the market and witness Panchi taking a firm stand. Rekha thinks Panchi’s boldness will not go well with Agarwal family, not knowing that Govind chose Panchi for her outspoken and right attitude towards life. Govind tries bringing Titu and Panchi closer and its important that Titu forego some of his laziness to have some good time. However, Surekha who is acting sweet to Panchi is still not so happy with her and wants to create problems for Panchi. Will Titu find space to balance his laziness and married life with his friend and partner Panchi’s support ? How will Panchi manage her married life with Titu ? Is he going to develop some feelings of love for Panchi ?

On another front, Titu’s talkative aunt Rekha thinks that Mukund’s marriage with Vaishali will go ahead since Titu got married. They are interested in Govind’s property and money and can also use Vaishali in their manipulation.


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