Manik and Soha – victims of Society centric parents; Manik to counter Nyonika's deceit-driven ploy

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Soha is battling for life with third degree burns at the hospital after her attempt to harm Nandini with fire backfired. Not only she is responsible for her condition but also her father Mr. Khurana who was more concerned on not treating his daughter’s unstable mental health condition due to his perceived social stigma and dangers to his class. For this reason, he doesn’t want to blame Manik for her condition but shies away to accept his grave mistake. Manik’s estranged mom Nyonika exploits the weak link of Mr. Khurana as she realizes his mistake of not treating his own daughter. Manik has protected Nandini from Soha’s fire plan and she gets well. Manik and Nandini come close and he reiterated his love for her yet again wholeheartedly. However, he was compelled to run from the hospital after Mr. Khurana has acted on the plan [filing a police complaint] he made with Nyonika under pressure.

Nyonika has some motives to frame Manik and put him in trouble so to highlight her own locus standing and support to him later. Her attitude in not defending Manik against media drives Nandini to wonder on Nyonika’s actual intentions. Moreover, Fab 5 is also under watch and Manik asks them to keep low profile. Thus, Soha’s obsession plot comes to the end with her dad Khurana’s concern for class and society valuing more than his daughter’s well-being coming out and Soha’s precarious condition with burns. Now, Soha’s life survival and recovery hinges on her own destiny and healthcare. On another front, Fab 5 share of woes gets more intense as Aaliya doesn’t feel good to know of Manik and Nandini’s love relationship and not able to complete the album upsets her. Dhruv thinks his relationship with Aaliya is over since he believes Aaliya didn’t move on from Manik and their love chapter comes to a halt and for it to re-ignite she needs to clarify her feelings to Dhruv. Coming back to Nyonika, her veiled plan & game against Manik is intriguing with the revelation of Manik’s love for Nandini didn’t go well with her and all her planning could be connected  with it.

Nevertheless, with Nyonika and Mr. Khurana’s actions, Soha, Manik and Nandini can be attributed as victims. Will Nandini inform Manik about Nyonika’s shrewd and ill-intentioned plotting ? What about Mr. Khurana accepting his guilt for Soha’s severe health condition ? Whether Manik going to outsmart Nyonika and foil her plan/ploy whose essence is based on the lie ?


4 responses to “Manik and Soha – victims of Society centric parents; Manik to counter Nyonika's deceit-driven ploy”

  1. Deepa sah Avatar
    Deepa sah

    Plz make nandini to tell d truth to manik abt his mmom’s plan as soon as possible

  2. suchita Avatar

    Plzzzzz seriously fedup of all this drama pyaar me drama hota hai but this seems toooo much… there are ither points to focus to when will manan be together this all drama is realky enough now… desparately waiting for valentine of MANAN… and their relation goo long ahead

  3. Tanvi Avatar


  4. se Avatar

    Guysss love isn’t full of so much drama and sacrifice s ………..desperately want manan together

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