Soumya acts sugary to win Yuvraaj in Suhani Si….


suhani si

Botox Dadi in back after a break, and her evil plans are ready to hit Suhani. Suhani and Pratima get tense by Dadi’s return in Birla House, as they know Dadi dislikes Suhani. To their shock, Dadi starts behaving well with Suhani. Her masterstroke plan has been out in open, as she suggests Soumya to become sugary tongued and be extra sweet towards Suhani and Yuvraaj, and show Yuvraaj that she was wrong in her aim. She turns old Soumya for Suhani and Suhani is glad to see her like before. Dadi also turns good towards Suhani and Yuvraaj is glad seeing things falling in right place.

Soumya prepares for valentines surprise for Yuvraaj and Suhani and Rags becomes curious to know about her foolish step. Soumya tells her that she is doing this for her benefit, and win Yuvraaj. Soumya starts showing Suhani about her grief by Krishna’s dishonoring her. Soumya takes Yuvraaj saying she wants to meet Krishna. She buys some flowers and asks Yuvraaj to hold it, and then takes it back, showing as if Yuvraaj is giving her flowers. Soumya hugs Yuvraaj and then says she was scared seeing the car pass by. She makes him hold her hand acting she is hurt. Suhani makes it a chance to get pictures of their togetherness and plans to show Suhani. Its Soumya’s plan to show Yuvraaj loves her and she is innocently keeping friendship with Suhani. Keep reading.


    • This serial is becoming horrible..i too agree with u rating for ur shw r8 nw z in negatives…plz eithr u end tiz shw or close tiz saumya chaptr…d serial z vry poor..

  1. This show is getting like shit……..gosh show romantict moments on valentines and u r showing conspiracy….and yuvraj role is quite funny coz i hvnt met such stupid guy in my life

  2. Couldn’t agree more. This whole Soumya storyline trying to entice yuv is getting irritating n boring. I dnt think there could be such a dumb character like yuvraj nor someone as blind as Suhani. Can we bring an end to soumya storyline n have something new please with new characters. Getting sick of seeing Soumyas character.

  3. Why are they making suhani look so stupid and dumb. Why cant they portray the indian house wife as an intelligent smart woman, not a complete idiot who only knows how to cook!!


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