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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The Bhalla Family has got a reason to celebrate. Rinki and Nikhil’s Roka ceremony is done. Dimple brings her brother to meet Rinki and he likes her at first sight. Rinki does not have any opinion and just goes with the flow. Ishita does not invite Shagun in the Roka ceremony and later on, she goes to meet her and give the sweets. Shagun threatens her that she will kick her out of Bhalla house and she will be missing from all family functions soon. Ishita laughs off and takes it light. Raman is again pleased by Ishita’s Punjabi look. Iyers also join them for the Roka function. Mrs. Bhalla gets happily teary eyed seeing Rinki’s Roka done, while Rinki looks upset. The coming twist will have Rinki’s Roka with Nikhil and then breaking it off as she gets married to Mihir. Raman does not tell anyone about Malhotra firing him off an important project, but he is glad to see Mihir bagging it.

Jamai Raja:

Sid confronts Yash for bribing his manager and attacking on Nani by sending the goons, and blaming it on Sid. Yash defends himself and Sid shows the proof he has. Sid raises his hand on Yash and Roshni stops him. Roshni decides to marry Yash, and tells Sid that she will move on as she does not love him anymore. Roshni is firm on her decision, but the twist may come in the show as Roshni can confess her love to Sid again. Sid wants to get back Roshni in his life by any way. She feels she is justified as Sid has lied to her many times. Yash denies everything and Roshni feels its Sid’s mistake again.

Shastri Sisters:

Anushka gets surprised when Shastri ji chooses Rajat as her groom, and Rajat was proud to see the big sacrifice Veer has made. Rajat and Anu get married and this time they complete all the seven rounds with all rituals. Rajat and Anu look very happy in their wedding and takes everyone’s blessings. Veer’s motive come to the fore and he happily becomes a part of their marriage. The marriage drama does not end, as it was done in Minty’s absence, and Shastri family worries for her reaction. Minty will surely add some shocking cheap tactics again to trouble Anu.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani gets sad seeing Soumya and Yuvraaj getting along always and a doubt gets developed in her heart, as Dadi has planned it. Yuvraaj finds Suhani annoyed and gives her a flower. She does not get happy and he starts presenting many flowers as a surprise from his jacket. He apologizes to her by white, yellow and finally a red rose showing their romance. His hand gets hurt by the thorn and she cares for him. The couple celebrates the valentines late and yet the happiness is back in their lives. Dadi gets worried seeing Suhani smiling again. Suhani likes the red rose and finds his love hidden in it. She wears a red dress and flaunts it. She shows she has forgiven him and he starts treating her nicely, much to Soumya’s shock.


Romance will be seen after a long wait of viewers. Ranvir and Ishani get locked in the room and they find the moment romantic and end their fake fighting drama. Ranvir gets relaxed as the love is dual sided now finally and with everyone not being at home, he gets a good chance to showcase his love. Its ‘Hum Tum’ sweet moments for them, and she likes all his surprises and decorations. Ishani sweetly argues with him and he is glad that finally the normal husband and wife sweet fights have started which will make their relation more strong and add spice to their romance.

KumKum Bhagya:

With Pragya imagining Abhi to rescue her in heroic way, now its Abhi’s turn to get into his imagination world. He misses Pragya and recalls her caring for him and stitching his shirt button, having an eyelock and getting romantic. Abhi starts hiding how the floor got spoiled and acts like he is much scared of his wife. She asks him what is he doing, and he lies saying exercise and sits near the bed covering the space. Well, Abhi and Pragya’s flashback romance will bring some relieve to viewers and then back to torture of corporator by his unwanted prolonged kidnapping drama.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

LD goes to repair the fuse box, which was a part of Jayshree’s plan. Radha does not go and sends LD instead. LD gets electrocuted and faints. The family gets stunned and cry seeing him unconscious. They call the doctor and Radha understands LD’s condition and used the lifesaving technique of artificial respiration and LD gets conscious and coughing. Dada ji and Govind get thankful to Radha for saving LD when his breath was falling flat. The doctor comes and checks LD, asking him to rest and providing medications. Radha decides to find out who is behind this attack on LD.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

The little girl Chandu get kidnapped by the gang and taken away in their jeep. Kabir and Nisha run after them Chandu from the goons. Kabir becomes her life support and does not know their arguments can make them good friends and then he will eventually fall in love with her. The scene sheds Kabir’s image from sweet flirty guy into a heroic rescuer.


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