Nandini’s music teacher bats for her stay at SPACE; Manik’s pain overpowers his mind over heart

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Love, Pain, Forgiveness, Believe – all of them are at interplay. Manik and Nandini became the victims of Nyonika and he feels trust is lost but both feel pain. Mr. Khurana took back his complaint against Manik and for this reason he is out and didn’t face arrest. Nandini realizes her mistake and also Nyonika’s deceit and apologizes to Manik. Fab 5 thinks both Manik and Nandini will resolve their matter all alone and their reasoning is also coming true. While, Manik thinks his relationship with Nandini has ended but he is also circumspect about his mother’s involvement. Anyways, Nandini not keeping faith with him is much bigger than anything and thus couldn’t forgive her. Later, he learns about Nyonika’s involvement in expelling Nandini from SPACE Academy and feels happy and wants to celebrate with all students. Nyonika is still worried that Nandini can get back to Manik and this was her rationale for expelling Nandini. It is reminded again that the principal’s functioning is driven by remote in Nyonika’s hand [trustee]. He has not taken righteous decisions even with Navya when her pregnancy was revealed.

Nandini tries again  to win Manik back by recollecting their fond memories but their love have got a distance which stops Manik from reconciling. Eventually, she finds support from her music teacher Pandit ji who fights for her and confronts the principal and Nyonika. He asks them to take back their decision to expel Nandini otherwise he will not let the fusion concerts there and also inform media on Manik’s not so good behavior with him. Nyonika has to take back her decision since the college’s reputation is at stake. It would give respite to Nandini from Nyonika’s eviction ploy. But whether he is only supporting Nandini or Manik also joins him in stopping the unjust that was going to be meted out at her. Manik regards music very dearly and can make him rethink on supporting Nyonika’s plan to expel her. Additionally, it has to be seen whether Cabir’s believe and bet on Manik stopping Nandini come true. If it indeed comes true then Navya’s offer is to cook for him everyday and keep staying at his home, such possibility makes him worried as he was planning to bring his mother after landing a job of an R.J. Nevertheless, the bond between Navya and Cabir throw up new equations as both are contrasting personalities but yet connected to each other. The same cannot be said for Dhruv and Aaliya since the believe on love is lost somewhere and they are unable to maintain their relationship – flipflopping from having feelings to no feelings and only time will give them the answer.


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