Nisha & Kabir’s bond gets stronger with Chandu’s rescue efforts; Viraj going through emotional solitude missing Nisha’s love

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins New show on Star Plus

Nisha and Kabir’s fun fights are changing to good bonding between the duo with a little girl Chandu’s [from USA] rescue mission. Both are acting as her parents and they are on their own since even police is linked with kidnappers and their aim is to reunite Chandu with her mom. Chandu is kidnapped again by a lady Shanti – head of the gang and took her away in the jeep. Kabir and Nisha run to help Chandu and to unearth the kidnappers they try to hide their identity by wearing costumes of the area belonging to Shanti. Additionally, they have a clue about Chandu’s mom location – some room info. Kabir becomes her life support and also the savior. Earlier, they got introduced with Kabir trying to bring smile on her face since he was aware of her heartbreak followed by their chance meet-up on going to the same resort in the same bus. Though she was not interested in his humorous antics and much carefree attitude but now they got opportunity to become good friends. Kabir’s connection with Viraj got first lead as it is known that Kabir is looking for Viraj and has only one childhood photo of him.

Meanwhile, Viraj and Nisha’s dad Ramesh are going through turbulent times at their ends. Viraj is going through emotional heartbreak and remains in solitude by drinking excessively and doesn’t care about his health and well-being. He drifts towards missing Nisha in his life and even thinks her close to him giving emotional support. With Viraj’s return, it would be interesting to see how Viraj-Kabir-Nisha’s plot moves ahead. Will Viraj rethink on his break-up decision with Nisha ?

Coming to Ramesh, all the family is worried to learn he has left them and moreover he has informed them on not knowing where he is going and how is he going to support himself. Ramesh feels nobody understands him and even his wife Laxmi and thus took decision to leave home and business to find himself. Will Nisha’s grandpa Dada ji change his mindset and be open to accept and understand Ramesh’s belief and decisions ?

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