Abhi rescues Pragya from kidnappers but they face more danger in ensuing kidnapping climax


abhi pragya kumkum bhagya

Tanu feels betrayed as Abhi didn’t listen to her and thinks their relationship has ended and shares her feelings with Aaliya. Abhi after his fight with goons manages to find the godown where Pragya is held hostage. He comes there in the disguise and covers a blanket and rescues Pragya. She gets shocked and couldn’t realize he came there and does a reality check to confirm. She feels safe and showers a hug to him. He has brought the Kangan (bangle) with him and puts it first on her hands follow by reading the valentine letter but she stops him midway. They continue to have their Nok Jhok and not mindful on the need to escape from there. He passes some comments and makes a taunt by asking whether she has hypnotized the goons.


Though both are together but don’t know how they are going to manage in evading the goons and reach their home. Meanwhile, Aaliya was worried with the corporator revealing her name and arranged a meeting after some threats on informing police. The corporator wants to disassociate himself with Aaliya since she has started threatening and moreover his original plan to kidnap Bulbul failed. Amidst all this, Purab gets glad since he thinks Abhi is developing feelings for Pragya and also shouldering and accepting his responsibility. To add more drama to the kidnapping track, Abhi and Pragya during escape would be going to face lurking danger of getting fired. Whether their fate favors them to escape unhurt or other source – police intervenes ?


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