Zindagi Wins 1st Episode 21st February 2015, Dr. Aaliya succeeds on her first day at work – Written Update


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Aaliya Akhtar kickstarts the day with the belief to be happy always. She was jogging on her way to the hospital and meets with an accident by getting hit by a van. She is taken to the hospital with minor injuries and a doctor think she got concussions. Meanwhile, Dr. Malvika marks her entry at the hospital and fires her car driver as he couldn’t open the door on time. Everyone gets tensed to see Malvika and starts to be on their toes. She shows her attitude even to the coffee boy as he brought coffee late by 3 minutes.. She checks her agenda and goes to inquire about new doctor Dr. Aaliya who is scheduled to report today. She meets the senior doctor Dr. Sinha – who is the best surgeon and he asks her to assist him in Mrs. Khanna surgery since she had treated her earlier. She compliments him for planning the surgery on the way and then gives him inputs.

Next, Dr. Aaliya comes back to her consciousness state and speaks in low voice of reporting to Life Beat hospital but the young doctor and nurse tries to stop her. She informs them of being a doctor and runs from there and falls in front of Dr. Sinha and Malvika. She learns of being present at Life Beat hospital after seeing Dr. Sinha and speaks of doing much preparations last night and haven’t expected of coming there as a patient. She is told to complete her HR formalities and resume duty. She feels happy to begin her work and gets welcome by staff. She gets a chocolate from a girl child who is thankful as her mother’s health got improved. Soon, she finds a lady patient being brought in there and taken to emergency. The patient is vomitting and turns out to be a chemical reaction. Aaliya learns it is suicide case since only liquid is coming out from vomitting and also the patient has tried earlier such attempts. She instructs her staff for having stomach wash of the patient and other medical support while police is being called in parallel. Later, she goes to meet the head nurse Mariyam and learns no one is present with the patient and knows her name is Rhea Mathur after seeing the patient’s phone. Dr. Malvika comes there and Mariyam speaks that Aaliya took the patient’s care when no senior doctor was around.

Malvika confronts and thinks because of Aaliya’s negligence their hospital’s reputation is at risk. She informs her that she is suspended on breaking the hospital rules. Sooner then, Aaliya goes on to attend a meeting with Dr. Sinha and Malvika. He compliments her but suggests from next time she should consult a senior doctor. Mariyam compliments Aaliya who inquires about the patient Rhea and even knows the name. Moreover, she thinks Aaliya as one of the best doctors in the future and cites her 20 years experience in saying so. Aaliya thanks her and wants to take a selfie and soon realizes she is having Rhea’s mobile. She learns Rhea didn’t have parents contact details and has called a boy who might be her boyfriend and have called him several times. Next, Dr. Ishaan Srinivas – psychiatrist marks his entry on the show after tricking the media who was blocking him as they were covering a minister. He came to see a patient Mr. Pappu Sharma and also meets his lawyers [defense, public] and CBI officer Ali. Pappu sharma is accused of a murder and Dr. Srinivas thinks there is insanity plea to defend him. The public lawyer tries to prosecute Sharma and downplays the insanity plea as a mere excuse to escape punishment and land in mental asylum. Srinivas wants to talk to Mr. Sharma first to give his report and the CBI officer Ali is recording the session. He tells Ali about some thing before directing questions at Sharma.  He asks several questions to Sharma and asks whether he had attacked in defense and speaks of having confidentiality agreement between the doctor and patient. Soon, he gets a call speaking about emergency and he gets info that Laxmi Sharma’s legs [Sharma’s daughter] has been amputated. Mr. Sharma gets much anxious and wants to see his daughter.

In this way, Dr. Srinivas concludes that Pappu Sharma’s memory is fine. He speaks of revealing the truth and asks Sharma’s lawyer to fight for truth. He later meets Rhea Mathur the patient whom Aaliya has helped earlier. She speaks of loving her ex-BF Shekhar truly, and he asks whether he is blind and suggests love should be felt. He learns that she used to love her pet dog before falling in love with Shekhar. He suggests since she has shared her quota of love for dog to Shekhar therefore she faced such a heartbreak. He also blames her for taking impulsive decision and thinks she should have done more research before commiting suicide. Just to give more emphasis on what he is saying, he reminds that Team India haven’t stopped playing cricket after Sachin’s retirement. She gets a laugh on that note. Aaliya meets Rhea’s ex-BF Shekhar and confronts him on having a break-up with her. He calls Rhea as psycho and wants to leave. She takes shekhar to Rhea who gets much angry after seeing him. Srinivas helps her in calming down with sedatives. He then pushes Shekhar away and asks why he came inside. He confronts Aaliya for her stupid idea of bringing Shekhar infront of Rhea. He goes to inform Dr. Sinha about Aaliya’s role in making Rhea hyper. Aaliya speaks of thinking from heart and thought to make Rhea emotionally stable if she sees Shekhar.

Dr. Sinha informs her that it was not her job since. Dr. Ishaan Srinivas is the psychiatrist. He tells her to leave for the day and the hospital will inform on what action they are going to take against her. She gets teary eyed when returning the badge and leaves outside. She looks back at the hospital’s name at teh terrace and discovers Rhea present there and about to commit suicide by jumping off from there. She forces Srinivas to the terrace who gets shocked upon reaching and speaks to Aaliya of having fear of heights [Acrophobia] and his health can get bad at any time. Meanwhile, fire services and ambulance are called. Srinivas gives his phone to Aaliya and he will speak to Rhea using blue tooth services via her. Aaliya tries to mediate Rhea but she is not listening. He asks Aaliya to speak about the dog Tobo with Rhea. She starts speaking what Tobo will feel and Rhea then asks about her dog and breed. Soon, Rhea learns Aaliya is lying and then Aaliya starts blaming her for destroying career which is caused by her suicide attempt and her follow-up. She then informs Rhea that both can commit suicide together and speaks of checking her phone with 200+ boys sending friend request. She tells her on being pretty and she will have a line of boys who will be interested in her. Aaliya asks her to rethink on how important is her life for parents, friends, first salary feelings, one look that would make Tobo a super dog.

She asks Rhea why she wants to give-up for a boy and asks her to fight and give life a chance and let Zindagi Wins. She forwards her hand to Rhea who contemplates for some time and takes a decision to not commit suicide. Rhea and Aaliya share a hug and things get under control. Rhea’s parents also reach there and she apologizes to them. Her parents thank Aaliya for saving their daughter’s life and also of family. Rhea has now moved on from Shekhar and informs her parents to not worry about him. She thinks her heart dictates her happiness and not from others. Srinivas congratulates Dr. Aaliya and speaks of his bluetooth idea and comments that she should not take full credit on lighter note. Dr. Sinha consults Malvika and asks Aaliya to complete her remaining shift. Aaliya gets glad on seeing the suspension being revoked and excited to be back. She speaks of crossing the forest of rules and protocols and will move ahead to become the best doctor and face those challenges. Moreover, she regards heart as the most important facet of life. Zindagi Wins traces the story of Aaliya on her quest to apply Dil Ka logic (thinking from heart) while facing all odds to become the best doctor and always strive for Zindagi Wins [Life being the Winner].

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Episode Video:
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