Private Investigator 11th Episode 22nd February 2015, Mystery of the Abducted Mother Case on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator Star Plus

The story starts with two men closes a cargo chamber after placing Raffe mom Anita’s body. Meanwhile, Vijay gets back on his toes and prepares to rescue her with his tools. He has earlier got a call from the kidnapper who informed him of kidnapping Anita. The kidnapper speaks of knowing Anita’s Claustrophobia [fear of present in closed locations] condition. Vijay recollects the call and begins his rescue mission. He directs someone to trace the phone through which he received the call. Raffe comes and joins Vijay though he doesn’t want to take him. Raffe wants Vijay’s help and comes to know of kidnapper’s call. Anita tries to come out of the box and feels suffocated. She recollects on how she was kidnapped by two men who came in the disguise of sales persons. They used a chemical spray to make her unconscious.


Raffe asks why the kidnappers didn’t call him and wants to know Vijay’s connection. Vijay doesn’t want to answer now and wants Raffe to focus on how to save his mother by applying mind. Anita finds phone and torch in the box and feels much suffocated. Finally, she manages to call Raffe and speaks Dabba and soon the call is ended. She calls again and Vijay asks about her surrounding. She informs on having wet soil and herself in a box. Raghav comes to Raffe’s home and soon learns there is a problem there and calls Raffe but he doesn’t accept his call. Vijay takes Raffe to some place and suggests to him that police cannot be brought in as the kidnapper can kill Anita. He comes to meet a girl Devi who is a tech expert and she helps Vijay in tracing the call. Vijay then tells her to trace the last call he received from Anita. She tells him that the number is coded and also that location has very weak signal. Raffe gets worried while Anita at her end cries more. Vijay receives the call from the kidnapper who asks him to not trace his call and has only 6 hrs left to rescue Anita. The kidnapper makes more taunt at Vijay and Devi informs that the kidnapper is very intelligent on knowing how to evade the trace. Raffe is angry with Vijay after learning that there are many potential people who could be kidnappers.

Raffe wants to go to police as they have resources but doesn’t get the exit door. Vijay informs that Devi can help them in rescuing Anita. He informs Devi on keeping a remote cameras at some places on his way to know whether he was followed by some kidnappers. Devi learns that the kidnapper ‘s men was following Vijay but lost him midway. She finds a car in the camera’s recording. Vijay tries to get info from clues – Anita being locked in a container with wet soil around her, and the kidnapper calling him savior (Maseeha) and replays the recording to get more clues. She wants to some pattern in the background noise and Raffe learns it is finger tapping and also the man’s shortest finger nail is much bigger that others. Vijay understands Raffe’s lead well and pinpoints a person who is locked in jail. They go to find him and Raffe thinks they are wasting time as they know already the kidnapper. They come at the jail and vIjay speaks about Ramakant Dutta – senior chemical govt scientist. He was developing a chemical which can kill lakhs of people and was about to sell his poisonous gas to a terrorist group. Vijay reached there before he succeeds in his plans and got him arrested. Vijay speaks that Ramakant thinks human as parasite and wants to end the human race. Raffe asks why his mom facing troubles because of his enmity with Ramakant. Vijay comes inside to see Ramakant Dutta. Ramakant asks how come a savior came there in such place. He speaks about remembering him on all 2055 days while serving the jail term.

Vijay thinks it was his fault to give him such troubles. Ramakant thinks Raffe as Vijay’s son and then asks about Anita. Raffe gets furious on hearing about his mom and taken away. Soon, Vijay gets a call from kidnapper who suggests that he is going at the wrong place and asks him to accept his defeat. Vijay wonders while Ramakant has shrewd smile on his face. At Anita’s end, the water is pouring on her. Vijay speaks that Ramakant is involved in it and soon Raffe gets a call from his mom. She informs that water is pouring on her and they need to come fast. Vijay gets a clue of water falling close to her. Raghav goes to file a complaint at the police as Raffe is missing but the inspector doesn’t entertain him and speaks of Tiwari on leave as he went to Solapur for a day. Vijay gets a call from Devi and she informs him of tracing Anita’s phone and it came from Andheri with mobile tower in 5 KM in radius from her location.

Raghav is still worried about Raffe and his mom and tries to convince Sonu who thinks they went for a movie. He calls Raffe but he is not accepting the call. Raffe speaks of learning that his mom has called someone and then deleted that no. But he has noted it down. He calls and it turns out to be Vijay’s another mobile no. Raffe gets furious and wants to know on how does he know his mom and even she is in danger because of him. The kidnapper calls him again and asks Vijay to accept defeat. Raffe wants him to accept defeat but he informs that it is a recorded phone call and thus of no use. The caller spoke of having 1.5 hrs left and even God’s decision. Vijay soon discovers that in 1.5 hrs there will be high tide at the sea. Raffe thinks that water noise was of waves and she might be buried near the sea. Raghav comes to Raffe’s home on getting any help even from police. Sonu now senses much danger. Raghav gets a call from Raffe who apologizes to him for not accepting his call and speaks of loving him. Vijay calls Devi and wants a solar scanner arranged. Raffe gets call from his mom and she apologizes. He asks her to not panic and she speaks of wanting to say something. but Vijay asks her to remain focussed.

Vijay collects a solar scanner and reminds on his words to Ramakant about burying his poisonous gas in the soil. Soon, Vijay learns that Ramakant has ran away from jail and he thinks things are amiss. He informs Raffe that Ramakant has kept phone with Anita so that she can call Vijay. Vijay suggests Ramakant wants to reach him. Vijay soon uses the scanner to detect Anita’s location and finds her location. They plough hard to remove the soil and unearths the box in which she was locked. They remove her from there. Soon, Vijay encounters Ramakant there who points gun at him. He threatens Vijay to shoot him and speaks of doing thousands of rehearsals for that day and have kept many of his friends to keep an eye. Vijay quickly tricks him and shoots Ramakant who in turn also shoots while falling down and his bullet goes to hit Raffe. Raffe is injured but escapes with minor injuries.

Next Week – Episode 12, Marriage Murder Mystery Case: Raffe finds a murder close to his home vicinity in the night. Later, he meets Tiwari and speaks of a dead body being hidden in the home where a marriage celebrations are going on. Raffe works to find the deady body to unearth the murder mystery.

Private Investigator Star Plus Episode 12 - 1st March 2015


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