Bhaiya ji instigates violence against Chakor and her Satyagraha for Education


Chakor, Imli, Vivaan and other kids’ Satyagraha for right to education along with hunger strike and determination got a setback with police intervention who threatens them to end their protest movement. Shakuntala Baa and Kasturi-Bhuvan are also supporting them in their endeavor and even media is covering it. Vivaan’s participation is a cause of much worry for his father Manohar. He doesn’t listen to his father for stopping his hunger strike which irks him a lot. Manohar confronts his elder brother Bhaiya ji for deceiving Chakor and other kids and for the same reason Vivaan is going through such a situation. He speaks of going at any length for his son and even gives a warning on exposing Bhaiya ji in front of media.

Nevertheless, Chakor and her group didn’t deter and remained defiant to not end their Satyagraha and hunger strike even after police arrival and Lakhan’s intervention. Manohar gets more agitated and confronts Bhaiya ji again who tells him to shoot Chakor after finding an opportunity. Later, Manohar goes ahead to act on what his brother said and reaches the village. He finds Lakhan threatening Chakor and others and everyone get fear and runs but Chakor remains standstill at one place and lost. Soon, he takes the gun from Lakhan and points it at Chakor and this moment is seen by Baa. Baa gets worried for Chakor’s safety. Will she able to protect Chakor from Manohar’s gun shot, and what price she would pay ?

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