Nishi’s Sangeet ceremony revisits Neil-Ragini’s relationship as her loved parents


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar Sony TV

Neil and Ragini are spending time together often due to circumstances and in the last outing she gets drunk and forced Neil to take her outside the farmhouse during the night. Nishi’s marriage and ongoing sangeet ceremony brings them more closer though they continue to attribute it to responsibility of being parents. During the next pre-wedding ritual – Sangeet festivities there are interplay of joyous moments and also some announcements. All the grandma’s dance during the Sangeet ceremony on melodious songs and are in high spirit bringing a breeze of joyous moments and happiness. There comes an occasion when Neil and Ragini also need to dance as they are Nishi’s parents. Neil-Ragini have a ballroom dance during Sangeet and agreed to it for their daughter’s love. As they were having a romantic theme dance they get engrossed with each other without expecting it. Soon, both come out of it and realize the situation at hand.

Their intentions weren’t to come close but got lost because of their inherent hidden love and old connection. There is unraveling of Ragini’s marriage truth to Pam. She got leads of Ragini not married with Aman – her earlier observation of Ragini not comfortable to call him as her husband; heard from Aman on enacting the drama when he was half asleep; and thirdly tricks Nishi in knowing about her mom not moving on due to love. This makes Pam worried since alongwith Nivedita she would not prefer Neil coming to know of Ragini’s marriage truth. She doesn’t wait longer and announces Neil’s engagement with Nivedita during Sangeet ceremony which gives a surprise to Ragini. However, Ragini feels on accepting it since she was aware that Pam wanted to see Neil and Nivedita together since long time. But it would not be easy for her. On another front, Neil thinks of moving on from Ragini since even his children have grown-up, time has changed,  and is mistaken about Ragini’s marriage. This make R.K wonder since Neil is fine to repent in case Ragini is not married but he has doubts on what would Neil actually go through if she is indeed not married. Will Neil manage to learn about Ragini’s marriage truth before Nishi’s wedding ?



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