Ajeeb Dastaan… to mark a happy end in March


vikram shobha

Sarika gets engaged to Vikrram by blackmailing him. Samarth stops them in the temple and Sarika kicks him out. Samarth uses the trump card and tells Vikram about Sarika’s husband Abhay’s death which was not accidental. Vikram gets a doubt on Sarika and recalls similar incident happening with Shobha to fall off the balcony railing. Shobha and Nani get sad seeing the engagement done, and Shobha starts regretting to see how many sacrifices Vikram is making for her. Samarth’s detective tells him about Sarika and Vikram’s deal and Samarth confronts Sarika. Sarika tells him that she will be giving all proof against him to Vikram, so that she can marry Vikram.

Samarth gets angry and scares her not to do so. Vikram realizes Sarika and Samarth being the secret keepers of each other, and uses their fight to expose both of them. Vikram confesses his feelings to Shobha and she starts reciprocating his love knowing how much he faced till now. Shobha and Vikram make Sarika and Samarth go against each other by filling their ears and planting doubts in their minds. The serial is ending on 6th March with Sarika and Samarth getting punished for their crimes and Shobha and Vikram getting married to live happily with children. The mature love story will be bidding bye and viewers are surely going to miss it. The show depicted how a woman can identify her strengths and fight for her self esteem, post her marriage breakup. Shobha’s struggles and showcasing women power made it look reel to real and hats off the cast for pulling the show so well. We wish all the best to its cast and hope to see them soon.




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