Panchi realizing her filmy romance with Titu; Titu offsets his laziness with smartness

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panchi titu tu mera hero

Panchi’s love for Titu is immense and during their outing together she wishes to have some romantic time with him. Titu fulfills her wish and goes to extent of video recording of their filmy sequences and even sings for Panchi. Golu helps in recording songs and dances. Titu sings  retro style songs – Koi Haseena jab Rooth Jaati Hain, Dil Deewana, Mere Sapnon ki Rani, and even goes to DDLJ style with Tujhe Dekho to Jaana sanam song. In essence, Titu offsets his laziness with smartness and also brought smile on Panchi’s face by meeting her wish. Next, Panchi wants to spend more time with Titu in a serene environment while having filmy romance again. She speaks of going to mountains and also to sail in the boat while having nice poses and reminds him of actors – Bhagyashree and Salman Khan to depict Maine Pyaar Kiya romance style. Titu gets bit tensed as Panchi wants more outing which means more work for him. Panchi had always dreamt of such filmy romantic scenes with Titu which are coming to the fore in reality as well. Titu manages well to hide his laziness from Panchi with his offbeat solutions which requires less effort from him. How long will he succeed in unknowingly evading his laziness truth ?

Titu’s aunt Rekha wants his laziness truth revelation to be known to Panchi since she wants to see distance between them and has her own aspirations and eye on Titu’s dad Govind property. She thinks Panchi is blinded in Titu’s love and thus not seeing his laziness. Titu thinks Panchi as her friend while she loves him much but she has some believe on being proactive and doing work. She knows about Titu and is very fond about his jokes, humor, fun banter and even smartness. But little she know that Titu prefers to having lazy time and only acts when he is pushed. Govind knows about his son’s attitude and is afraid with Panchi’s reaction once she gets to know about it. Panchi’s marriage with Titu realized due to her love and the responsibilities rest on her shoulder to usher change in him in the longer run. But for now, what will be Panchi’s reaction once she comes to know of Titu’s laziness preferences and truth ? Will her endearing love for him stands tall in the test of time ?

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