Astha and Shlok’s struggle for Niranjan’s victory in Iss Pyaar….


astha shlok

Ahilya gets a doubt on Shlok/Balwankar/Ballu and she suspects him to be the spy in their house. Astha/Sapna tells her about Ballu going to Mumbai to visit his ailing mother. Shlok gets busy to arrange the money for laying the new institute. He fails to arrange and goes ahead to seek some investor’s help by assuring high profits. Meanwhile, Astha manages to clear Ahilya and Indrajeet’s doubt on her and Shlok. She fools Indrajeet by showing clear contact log in her phone and thinks he will never doubt on her again. Ahilya goes to Mumbai to visit the hospital where Ballu’s mum is admitted and try to know whether Ballu is really genuine or shady.

While, she fails to get any proof against Shlok and clears her doubt on Ballu, she then doubts on Sapna. She returns home knowing about Indrajeet’s hand fracture and tries to trap Astha in her plan. She lays some important files in his study and wants to see whether Sapna shows some extra interest in it. She recalls Sapna taking Niranjan’s pics’ file and suspects her. Astha tries to know about the files and sneaks inside the study, while Ahilya is watching her. Shlok helps Astha and they again manage to skip Ahilya’s doubt against them, by diverting her to Kavita’s call. Niranjan and Anjali arrange the money by Avdhoot and Kalindi’s help, as Kalindi decides to seek Ankush’s property and his help in supporting Astha. Ankush would be seen changing in the show as Mala keeps pushing him towards betterment. Kavita becomes the only link to show about Ahilya’s anger on Niranjan, and Indrajeet starts sharing some secrets with Sapna. Will Astha and Shlok come to know the real revenge reason against Agnihotris, and why is Ahilya having so much enmity to ruin them down? Keep reading.




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