Private Investigator 12th Episode 1st March 2015, Marriage Murder Mystery Case on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator Star Plus Episode 12 - 1st March 2015

Raffe gets shot accidentally by the attacker Ramakant who was trying to take revenge from Vijay. Raffe is taken to Vijay’s home where his treatment takes place. Raffe’s mom Anita speaks of her earlier believe on dangers to him. She thinks because of Vijay her son bore the brunt and she has concerns. Vijay speaks of understanding her genuine concerns and suggests life controls us and assures Raffe will be fine. She asks Vijay to stay away from Raffe. Raffe wakes up and she assures him on being fine. She reminds Vijay [VC] on deciding many years earlier and wants his support. Next morning, Anita asks Raffe to not think of becoming macho man. He tells her to not worry but she suggets that only four days back he got shot by a bullet. She tells him to rest and study for exams and she will make sure to get leave (absentee) from his college. Raffe brings the topic of Vijay in their life but she doesn’t answer.


She informs him of going to college as some evaluation is going on. Raffe spends his time at home with friends – Raghav and Lucky. Raghav finds a marriage going on in the neighbourhood and is interested to go. Later, in the night Raffe smokes a bit in his room, looks an old photo and feels pain in his bullet shot wound. Soon, he finds a murder taking place in the home where marriage was going on. He recollects how stabbing took place there. He informs Raghav and Lucky about the murder at the marriage scene who then was told to go there in finding more about the deady body and murder. There is Sangeet ceremony taking place in marriage home and Lucky is noticed there as the winner of Princess India fashion contest. Raghav goes to a room and calls Raffe about it. Raffe informs Raghav that is the same room where murder took place. Raghav goes inside a small room and finds an old woman there and she speaks Koyal.. A lady comes and asks him to leave from there since the wash room is in ground floor, it was his excuse. Meanwhile, Tiwari comes to Raffe’s home and he is angry with him as he didn’t share about the problem of his mother’s kidnapping. Tiwari brings some fruits for Raffe and shows care. Raffe informs Tiwari about the murder.

Meanwhile, Lucky meets the bride Suhana who is going to get married and Suhana clarifies that she is not koyal. Raghav is asked why he came there by the people at the marriage home and he replies for coming there as he wants to visit the toilet. Suhana introduces Lucky as the winner of India Princess contest and Lucky gets the role to cover photography there. Tiwari is amused with Raffe’s revelation of the murder. Raffe speaks that the dead body is still present in that marriage home but Tiwari is not taking it seriously. Lucky and Raghav come there and she speaks there is no body there but they spoke lies many times there. She asks Raffe to solve puzzles and Raghav thinks there was a nice environment there and Tiwari cracks more jokes. Raffe asks to Tiwari on Bhonsle and Hazare the constables to be statitioned outside the marriage home but Tiwari takes the matter lightly. Later, in the night Raffe calls someone Vijay but couldn’t reach him. Soon, he finds a big sack is pushed by some men at the marriage home upon instructions of a lady(Suhana’s mom). Raffe decides to investigate the matter and drops down from his building with a rope. He reaches the marriage home and finds the people are worried to hide something about the sack and finds some black traces on the floor. He meets the constables Bhonsle and Hazare and searches the trash. Hazare makes fun at Raffe as he found a scissor there which could be a murder weapon.

Raffe becomes the photographer of the guests and Suhana. Suhana is happy to go to America with nice pics. Raffe hears a lady – Bhabhi ji speaking of having a Havan there and Subodh supports her idea. He is seen sitting on a wheel chair. Next, Raffe goes to some store room to find some clues. Raghav receives Raffe’s mom call and hesitantly informs her on being in party and lies that Raffe is in toilet and excuses himself. Raffe goes to a hall which is well decorated and have gifts lying. He finds some marker and enacts the role of a photographer. A lady comes to the hall and calls Aaron. He reveals in front of her and introduces himself. She declines on not calling Aaron. Later, Raghav suggests to Raffe that there is no dead body, koyal and Aaron and suggests on going for a movie. Raffe doesn’t want to give up and asks for Raghav and Lucky’s help for the last time. Tiwari calls Raffe and informs the blood traces are found on the scissor which was found at the trash. Raffe asks about Komal the worker who used to work there. Tiwari called Komal’s home at Chattisgarh and learnt that she is unreachable on phone. Raffe wants a search warrant of the marriage home but Tiwari asks Raffe to have a mental checkup.

Nevertheless, Tiwari goes to the marriage home and talks about the missing maid Komal. He then speaks about the neighbour seeing a murder there. Suhana’s dad calls Komal and Raffe is also following Tiwari with cam and voice support remotely. Raffe asks Tiwari to do verification whether that lady is indeed Komal. Tiwari looks at the identification report and Raffe also looks at the lady and concludes that they are same. The men asks Tiwari to enjoy the party scene but he leaves. Raffe calls Vijay and thanks him for the binoculars. Vijay asks Raffe whether his mom didn’t tell him to call him. Raffe speaks of calling for different purpose and opens-up about the murder but he is unable to find the body and wants to know how he should proceed. Vijay asks Raffe to look at the missing people report and Raffe feels it as the big lead. Raffe asks Hazare to message him on the missing persons in the last 3 days. He gets the list of the missing people and comes to the marriage home. He asks Suhana’s friends and relatives to tell about Suhana the bride. They tell that Suhana is practical, smart and perfect. He then asks them about Aaron. The girl asks Raffe to speak slowly about Aaron since he was the ex-BF of Suhana but they had a break-up 6 months back. Raffe thinks Aaron was also musician.

Raffe tries to find clues – lady calling Aaron, Aaron – Suhan’s ex-boyfriend, unplanned crime, where is dead body, Koyla (coal). Raffe informs Lucky that Aaron – Arun Desai is murdered but he is puzzled about where is the dead body and why there is no bad odour and the connection of coal. Lucky speaks on reading somewhere that the coal is used to absorb the dead body’s odour and soon he figures out that the Dadi (grandmom) in store room was not talking about koyal but actually Koyla (coal). He applies his mind more and pinpoints that the dead body should be in the same store room where Dadi was resting before. Raffe goes to the room and finds the dead body of Aaron beneath the bed with coal cover. Suhana’s wedding is going on and Raffe brings Aaron’s shoes there.They get shocked to see it and Raffe asks whether it is good to start a new relationship by killing someone. He opens-up and informs them that they have killed Suhana’s ex-BF Aaron -Arun Desai and have hidden his dead body beneath Dadi’s bed with coal.

Suhana gets shocked to hear it and Raffe learns that she wasn’t aware. Raffe tells Subodh – Suhana’s younger brother to open-up and asks him why he is still sitting on a wheel chair though his plaster was removed 2 days ago. Suhana stops her elder brother and Suhana’s mom speaks of committing the murder. Raffe informs that she didn’t commit the murder as the murderer was left-handed and in her entire family only Subodh is left-handed. Raffe reveals that Subodh’s plaster was removed 3 days ago and asks him to stand up as his crime is out. Subodh admits his crime on murdering Aaron and also his plaster was removed three days ago. He speaks of not wanting to murder Aaron and have thought to reveal to Suhana on being fine on her wedding day. The flashback show Aaron coming in a room from a window where Subodh has just removed his plaster and wants to meet Suhana. Aaron blackmails Subodh on telling her in-laws about their past relationship. Subodh was having a scissor in his hand and as he tried to stop him he made a stab though not intended resulting in Aaron’s death. Raffe comes back home after solving the marriage murder mystery.. Anita asks Raffe whether he knows the murder that took place in the neighbourhood. She thinks the murder was bizarre since the family looks normal. Raffe speaks that every family has secrets.

Next Week: A girl gets dizzy and falls from a building and dies. Her family speaks that she used to hate drugs so how she could take drugs leading to her death. Tiwari asks Raffe to stay away from drugs matter. Raffe goes to a drug hideout with Sonu’s help to unearth the murder mystery and drugs connection with it.

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