Big twists in Holi Special Episode – Anushka and Simar’s triumph

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shastri simar mahasangam

A romantic dance in the Holi Episode will be showing Simar-Prem, Siddhant-Roli, Rajat and Anushka’s dance. The Bharadwaj family will be joining Shastri family. Simar wants the key from Roli’s waist. The key is unique as it’s the key to the red door of secrets, which will be showing fake Roli’s true face of being a Naagin/female serpent. Simar tries her best to get the keys from Roli, and asks Anu to help her by sharing everything with her. Anu agrees to help her and takes Devyaani’s help. Devyaani makes Roli have the Bhaang and even then Simar fails to get the keys. Siddhant does not know its not real Roli and is madly in love with her.

Simar puts water on their romance, and the keys fall off from Roli’s clutches. Anu gets the keys and hands it over to Simar. Simar rushes to release the secret of the red door, while Roli realizes Simar has gone to expose her. Coming to Minty and Astha’s plan, they invite Veer in the Holi function, only to create a scene in Rajat’s eyes. Alka and Rohan’s relation gets back on good track and Astha fails to create misunderstandings between them. Anu’s good deed to help Simar does not let Minty win. Its first Holi for Rajat and Anu after their marriage, and he wants every moment to be spent with Anu. Veer joins them and Minty eyes the trio. Anu dances with Veer and Rajat feels sidelined. Simar comes to know about Minty’s filthy plan and she saves Anu from getting trapped by making her realize what is Minty upto. Anu then spends some sweet moments with Rajat and the couple’s love makes Minty angry. Minty plans to harm Anu and show Veer’s feelings for her, which he has hidden from Rajat. Will Rajat fall in Minty’s cheap plan or will Anu’s strong love prove out again? Will Simar be able to get the real Roli as she promised Mata ji? Keep reading.


2 responses to “Big twists in Holi Special Episode – Anushka and Simar’s triumph”

  1. priya Avatar

    roli naagin take minty with you

  2. Soofia Bhatti Avatar
    Soofia Bhatti

    Hi YouTube I’m soofiia and I will do loads of duas for simar so she can help her real roli to get out of the red door of doom and so simar can then expose the truth of the fake roli and i know what simar should do with the fake roli she should tie the fake roli up and tie her hands up behind her back nod take gag the fake roli so she cont talk or she cont move
    From Soofia Bhatti

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