Nisha’s sindoor marriage truth going to unravel in-front of family while Love search for its recipients

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Ramesh and Kabir help out each other from Bhabhi ji and her goons. Ramesh comes back to his home with Kabir and Nisha’s prayers are answered with their safe return. Kabir proved his bonding with Nisha as he didn’t deter in revealing Nisha’s whereabouts to Bhabhi ji when he was under hostage situation. With Bhabhi ji’s arrest, Chandu track got ended but it paved the way for Kabir’s entry in Nisha’s home. Kabir gets treated at Nisha’s home for the injury he suffered during fight with Bhabhi ji and going to stay for more days. Dada ji came out of retirement with Nisha’s help but still not in talking terms with Ramesh. Lakshmi too feels hurt on Ramesh’s actions of going away without informing her. So, Ramesh needs to take steps in breaking the ice with his father and wife. Dada ji remains firm in his attitude towards Ramesh and even questions his decision to keep Kabir for more days.

Coming to Nisha’s sindoor marriage ritual with Kabir, Dolly and Amanpreet are aware of it but doesn’t know how to approach such a revelation. It is a matter of time before everyone in Gangwal’s family coming to know about it. Kabir thinks his Sindoor marriage ritual with Nisha is half-baked truth as it was due to circumstances and thus not to be taken seriously. But he begin to develop some feelings for Nisha. Nisha at her end takes it with much concerns and regards it as the U-turn in her life. Thus, the unraveling of the truth to her family makes her much worried and with Kabir’s stay at her home throws another challenge in how to evade it. Kabir’s kidnapping  & threat to life earlier has made Nisha remisinsced about their past eventful memories and how Kabir vowed to bring smile on her face and even translated his words into concrete actions.

Viraj at his end with Kiara’s entry has offset his solitude but nevertheless remininsces about Nisha and misses her dearly and even gets engrossed. He is unaware of his aunt Gayatri’s ploy of plotting Kiara with an eye on his property and 50 % stake in Dada ji’s will. Moreover, he isn’t aware about her earlier role in Mail hacking to reveal Aarti’s truth revelation with malice in mind. Gayatri keeps some new revelations – Viraj’s younger brother truth and also Viraj’s rekindling love for Nisha with herself since she waits for an opportune time to use them in her ploy to get advantage. There is interplay of varied emotions – new found friendship & relationship (sindoor), sincere efforts, camaraderie but it has to be seen how another beautiful emotion – Love play out in such a scenario. Things have changed for both Nisha and Viraj post their breakup with Nisha was trying to find a new perspective to get over her heartbreak and Viraj couldn’t able to move on from his inherent feelings of love for her.


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  1. Newbie Avatar

    Viraj Sucks

  2. t4t Avatar

    I dont like viraj kabir and nisha make a good couple…..pls someone make my wish true

  3. ashmitha kulatunga Avatar
    ashmitha kulatunga

    yeah same here hate that tall brook!!nibir is the best

  4. shehnaz Avatar

    yeaah oh god plz make kabir nisha´s husband amen amen

  5. Priyanka Bedre Avatar
    Priyanka Bedre

    kabir is best for nisha ,Viraj should also be put in story line but not as couple with nisha .Saurav bring him back

  6. Ragini Avatar

    East or west niraj is the best.;-)

  7. Ragini Avatar

    East or west, niraj is the best.;-)

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