Sid feels pain with Roshni’s mistrust but get another opportunity to rekindle their relationship


jamai raja sid

Sid stopped Roshni’s marriage with Yash after making last minute aerial entry, and also shoots color gun to fill Roshni’s forehead with Sindoor. Roshni’s feelings also get poured out as she stops Yash from putting Sindoor on her forehead. Yash was restless with Sid’s entry there and thus tried the Sindoor ritual. Sid tore the divorce papers and later Roshni learnt on how she was tricked by DD in believing that Sid has actually signed the divorce paper but the truth is otherwise. Sid has given a challenge to DD that within a week time he will live with Roshni in a husband-wife relationship. He is glad to see Roshni’s love for him and leaves from the venue. He meets her later at her home after climbing thus making an entry from the back. DD comes to know of it and Roshni was also surpised but Sid believes that he has remarried her so no qualms on his visit.  However, Sid is going to fall in problems with misunderstanding and accusations cropping up from both sides. Roshni falls in a trap and thinks that Sid will go all out to come close to her physically and even apply force. Moreover, DD after not finding Roshni around concludes that Sid kidnapped Roshni and lodges a police complaint against him.


DD and Roshni reach Sid’s home for his arrest. Sid comes to know of DD’s kidnapping charge and Roshni’s accusation on rape. He gets heart broken and decides to break all the relationship with Roshni. Sid didn’t stop there and pinpoints all of Roshni’s weaknesses – ego, weak trust in him, believing others easily and falling in traps/trickery. Moreover, he opens his heart out on his sacrifices and one of them was foregoing his richness to stay as a Ghar Jamai in her home. He is shattered as Roshni once again didn’t believe him. Amidst all such developments, there is an interesting lead with the court deciding that Sid and Roshni need to stay together for three months before the next steps in divorce matter take place. Yash is not willing to give up Roshni as he loves her much and with Rajveer instigating him on how to proceed. Also, Kritika’s grey shades lead to some testing time for Sid ahead. Will the court decision offer another opportunity for Sid-Roshni to rekindle their relationship ?


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