Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 3 Episode 15 6th March 2015 starring Subuhi Joshi, Chirag Mahbubani & Mohit Tolani – Written Update


Chirag Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks of true love having peculiar quality that its not looks but your manners and intention matters and such people in true love are called soulmates (Humsafars).The story is about Apoorv, Vartika and Ankur from Delhi.

The story starts with Apoorv in a confrontation with a boy Nakul in his school and soon they both fight. Apoorv stops fighting for a while after looking at Vartika and then thrashes Nakul more. He tells Nakul on not leaving the school and informs him on not taking his girlfriend and leaves. Apoorv learns more about Vartika and he is told its not easy to woo her. Just then, the principal comes and gives him a final warning and another complaint will restigate him. He goes to canteen and finds Varika sitting there with some girls. He introduces himself as their senior and also speaks her name which makes her suprise. He thinks on successfully wooing her and leaves with a friend. On another occasion, as Vartika was around, he stops bullying of a junior to impress her. He goes to meet Vartika and asks her for a coffee. She replies on having a class and suggests they can go another time. He flirts with her a bit and she blushes. Later at Vartika in her hostel room gets pushed by her friends in hanging out with Apoorv. Next morning, she goes for a coffee with Apoorv. He asks whether she is single. She replies on the need to find a good boy first and he asks her to stay with him and he will take care of exam papers and even will give love. She gets shy and he holds her hand and then confeses his love for her. He asks her to not say no since he cannot hear it. Bith share eyelocks on that note. Both begin to spend time together and have chats, outing [Ab Se Koi Din Nahi.. song plays]. They come closer and Ankur, the younger brotherof Apoorv marks his entry.


Ankur greets Apoorv but doesn’t get good response. Vartika is surprised to see such bad behavior from Apoorv. Later, Apoorv finds Vartika talking with some boys in the class while having smiles. He comes there and send those boys away. She clarifies on discussing class assignment but he doesn’t listen and tells her to stay away from boys and do not repeat next time. In the night, she gets teary eyed but soon finds a text message from Apoorv apologizing her and gets calm down henceforth. Next morning, Apoorv is seen with Vartika and soon learns that Ankur is engaged in fight with some boys. He goes to see Ankur and stops the fight but nonetheless also hits Ankur making him scared. Apoorv also laments on why Ankur is admitted in the same school like him and shows his displeasure with parents. Varika gave the lone support to Ankura and he then follows her and she recognizes him. He speaks of coming to see her to show gratitude. He suggests Apoorv is always angry and thinks his brother shows anger to her as well and gives an instance to prove his point.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Vartika got expoed swith Apoorv’s changed behavior gradually which no girl would want. Vartika had lot of questions and also thinks that Apoorv should have sensitivity towards Ankur’s mental state. She was looking for goodness in Apoorv.

She goes to the library and finds Ankur drew a sketch depicting his loneliness. He speaks that God cannot see one alone and He will send someone for him. She suggests him to draw some eventful drawings and he agrees. Apoorv tries to reach Vartika but she was speaking with her mom at home. She calls back and he gets angry and thinks she is giving lame excuses of speaking with mom. She asks whether he is putting doubts on her. He becomes more angry and suggests her to not test his patience and ends the call rudely. Later, in the school, Apoorv tries to come close to her and she speaks of not ready for it and pushes him away. In the night, she recollects Apoorv’s controlling and aggressive attitude and gets teary eyed and cries. Next morning, Vartika is advised to not keep a relationship which is demanding and dominating. Her friends think she needs to have a break-up because she is only getting fear and dejection. They think Apoorv doesn’t deserve her and suggests her to leave him.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that understanding is the core element in a relationship and suggests that there was no understanding and trust in Apoorv and Vartika’s relationship from his side.

Ankur asks Apoorv for money in the school and gets it by citing reasons to buy colors, bread, etc and gets happy after receiving it. Meanwhile, Vartika comes to meet Apoorv and informs that she wants to have a breakup. He becomes angry and shows his dominating nature once again. She makes it clear to him in loud voice on the reasons of her decision to move on but he slaps her and even said whether she likes someone else. She cries and he holds her face and tries to apologize and takes her away. She recollects later on his words that whether she is liking someone else, slap and gets teary eyed. Ankur marks his entry and meets Vartika in the class. He speaks of locking his brother Apoorv in the washroom and smiles. He thinks of going back to the classroom before Apoorv comes out. He speaks with some shyness whether she will feel bad if he gives her something. She replies no and he first presents a red rose, some chocolates and greting cards [Chori Chori Love Story Chalne De.. song plays]. She thanks him and gets glad and asks why those gifts for her. He replies that since she is a girl and also his loving friend which means she is his GF. He found others giving gifts to their Gfs and thus brought the same to her. She wonders on how someone can beat him and he replies that Apoorv has a habit and even doesn’t like him.

Moreover, he adds that other elder brothers support their younger sibling but thats not the case with Apoorv. He suggests on not being smart as others say so. She consolidates him and speaks of supporting him. Both spend some time together and she helps him in drawing colorful sketches. He waits at her hostel and gets anxious. She comes out and gets a gift box from him. Meanwhile, her relationship with Apoorv continues to face aggression and controls. She also finds Apoorv staring at other girl and showing interest. She goes to meet Ankur who was busy engrossed in his drawing and both exchange greetings. Later, she recollects Ankur’s words which have innocence and honesty [Gubbare.. Gubbare song plays]. They meet more and share their tiffin box and also study together. Both share few nice moments and he even puts his head on her shoulder. After some thoughts and nervousness, he showers a kiss on her cheeks [Bas Tu Hi Hai song plays] and she blushes a bit and both share an eyelock. They find another opportunity to send Apoorv away and meets. Ankur comes with red rose and chocolate for her. He also brings a sketch for her showing both of them holding hands. She gets happy and showers a hug to him and both smiles.

Meanwhile, Apoorv is told that Ankur is having fun with his GF. Apoorv gets distraught and goes to the garden area to confront Ankur. He goes there and slaps Ankur hard for cheating. Vartika gets angry and informs Apoorv that he doesn’t respect his brother and moreover he doesn’t know about love. She suggests he doesn’t have the heart to do love and his brother is not mad since he is mad. She speaks of finding love in Ankur’s imperfection and moreover tells Apoorv to not keep an eye or trouble him. Ankur tells Apoorv to beat him him more now itself otherwise he will complain to parents, principal and others. He speaks of feeling pain like others and can retaliate in fightback and soon gets teary eyed. Vartika gives him support and both leave from there while Apoorv get some consolation from his friends. The story ends on that note with Ankur and Vartika’s love victory.

Surbhi speaks that Love is something which you can’t get by force and you need to win it. In order to win love you need to have a good heart and honesty. Ankur with his goodness and honest intentions have changed his friendship into love and even Vartika didn’t realize those feelings before. Surbi speaks on how love happens with imperfections and not necessarily with perfection.

Surbhi on Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

Info On Cast:
* Apoorv is portrayed by actor Mohit Sid Tolani
– Mohit worked in the role of Sid in Channel V’s Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri [YJTRRR]
– Mohit’s Twitter page

* Ankur is portrayed by actor Chirag Mahbubani
– Chirag played the role of Cheeku in Channel V’s Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri [YJTRRR].
– He is also dancer and director. Chirag’s Twitter page

* Vartika is portrayed by actress Subuhi Joshi
– Subuhi is also dancer, Disc Jockey [DJ], & performer
– Currently working in Comedy Classes on Life OK TV
– Subuhi’s Twitter page

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