Halla Bol 2 15th Episode 8th March 2015 – Fight Dowry Harassment starring Puja Sharma on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker

Karan Tacker (the host) speaks of Women’s Day which is celebrated on 8th March, today and now the girls are excelling in many fields even in areas where boys used to excel. The girl’s in-laws put pressure on the girl’s family and their dowry demands are unreasonable. Today’s story is about Radhika who defied society and their thinking. The story starts with Radhika getting ready to go for her army duties. Soon, Meeta comes to her home to pick her up and Radhika informs her on getting promotion to the rank of major. Both Radhika and Meeta were at the rank of Captain and Meeta gets much glad to hear it and also wants to say some good news. Radhika guesses correctly that she is going to get married. Meeta informs her to-be husband is Sumeet who is a businessman and he has one married sister. Meeta want to give a treat to Radhika and also informs that her marriage is planned by the end of next month. She further adds that after marriage she is not going to change. Radhika learns meeta wants simple marriage as her dad couldn’t support it. Upon hearing it, Radhika speaks of organizing Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies and suggests to Meeta that its not a big favor.

Meeta’s marriage pre-wedding rituals starts [Queen movie’s London Thumakkada song plays] and during the sangeet ceremony, Radhika gets introduced to Meeta’s to be sister-in law Sonia. Sonia thanks Radhika for arranging the Sangeet ceremony. Meeta at her end dances with other family members and relatives. Later, Meeta and Radhika thinks there is a problem with her father facing it but rules out. Soon, Meeta gets married and the story moves ahead by 20 days. Meeta re-joins her army duty and Radhika asks about her honeymoon. Meeta replies it was fine and there is no tension and cites on having some bad health. She is getting a call and accepts it after Radhika’s insistence. A day later, Radhika calls Meeta and learns from her husband that she is not going to office. At the Army office, a bank representative comes and meets Radhika and speaks of Meeta having applied for 7 Lakhs rupees loan and he needs signatures. Radhika is surprised to hear it and the man leaves since Meeta was not there. Later, Radhika finds Meeta in their office who speaks of having some work thus she didn’t pick her up. Radhika asks Meeta why she is taking personal loan instead of a home loan. Meeta speaks of taking it for Sumeet’s business and soon Radhika asks meeta to come with her family for dinner the next day.

Next day, Radhika prepares the dinner and anxiously waits for Meeta and after many hours get a message from Meeta that she cannot come. Radhika thinks Meeta’s response is strange as there was no sorry or reason. Next day, Radhika tries to contact Meeta but couldn’t connect on phone. Radhika recollects the moments she shared with Meeta where she was giving some excuses with nervousness. Radhika is puzzled and next day she meets with her subordinate who speaks that Meeta is staying with her parents since few days. In the night, Radhika goes to meet Meeta at her parent’s home. She reaches there to find Meeta very quiet and asks her. Meeta covers her face and soon Radhika learns that an attack mark on Meeta’s face. Soon, meeta opens-up about her in-laws dowry harassment, taunts and their demands are endless. She begins to cry and Radhika understands Meeta applied for personal loan for the same reason. Meeta speaks that her in-laws try to exploit her at every opportunity and when she took stand one day she got beaten up by Sumeet’s mom. Sumeet was just standing there and Meeta was pushed out from her in-laws home.

Radhika learns that Sumeet is a good person but he couldn’t able to change his mom or her decisions. Meeta doesn’t want to leave him since he is not guilty and his parents are the ones who are commiting the crime. Radhika suggests that her in-laws doesn’t deserve her and Meeta reminds that she is a girl while understands being an army officer. Radhika asks Meeta about her parents’ decision and soon meets her parents. Meeta’s dad speaks about the in-laws’ greed and he thinks if demands are met only then his daughter’s respect will be there. Radhika counters and suggests what more he can do, he has already given his daughter to them who is well-educated and also an army officer. He replies what she is saying is not practical and get support from his wife who asks him to fulfill their demands. Next morning, Meeta is worried since 10 days have passed and Sumeet hasn’t called her. She asks Radhika for some solution since her parents are much worried and even society’s taunts are coming in.

Radhika speaks of having an idea and will go to her in-laws home and talks about the plan. Meeta isn’t sure but Radhika speaks of being 100 % sure and will teach them a lesson in their own way. Radhika goes to Meeta’s in-laws place and goes there with gift items – TV, refrigerator and other accessories. Meeta’s mom in law gets anxious to find Radhika there with new accessories. Radhika reminds her that she wanted dowry items so she brought them there. She leaves with the jawaans after dropping those items. She speaks to Meeta from her office and suggests things will be fine for her now. She is told that her superior – Col. Vikramjeet has called her. She goes to meet him and learns that Meeta’s in-laws have lodged a police complaint against her with the charge of theft. She speaks of not doing any wrong but her senior speaks of Army Corps going to investigate the matter and until then her promotion is on hold. Soon, she gets a call from Meeta who was looking worried. Meeta meets Radhika and informs her that situation has gotten more worse after she went there. Now, she will never have an entry in that house and gets much dejected. Radhika comes home and recollects what Meeta have gone through by her in-laws harassment, Meeta’s parents thoughts and her superior’s notifying about the complaint.

Karan (the host) speaks that to break a girls’ determination, people attack on her self-respect and confidence. Meeta’s in-laws put a false charge against Radhika to cover their weakness and tried to malign her reputation. This is because Radhika fought for her friend which is a big step. Karan speaks that we need to support every girl who is still going through the social evil of dowry harassment whether we know her or not.

Meeta tries to call Radhika but couldn’t reach her and soon learns about Radhika is facing a complaint and even her promotion is on hold. Meeta meets Radhika and apologizes to her for her past behavior where she had blamed her. She gets teary eyed and reminds Radhika on thinking for a while that her in-laws came to know of right and wrong but she was wrong as they are hopeless. Meeta apologizes to Radhika by folding hands but Radhika suggests to her that the sorry needs to be told by in-laws. Sonia, Sumeet’s sister comes to her parent’s home and is seen having some bruises on her face. She speaks of getting thrown of her in-laws home and reminds that her in-laws were expecting dowry but as they didn’t got so they gave her taunts and also beat her. Sonia’s entry shocks her mom there. Meeta comes there and asks whether Sonia has lot of injuries and her mom-in law speaks of family matter. Radhika also comes there and asks Meeta’s in-laws where they are going. Sonia also opens-up and asks her mom what she is going to tell her in-laws. Radhika speaks of getting Sonia’s help and she asks Sumeet why he was quiet when the same things were happening with Meeta and she needed him the most then.

Sumeet speaks of realizing his mistake and apologizes to Meeta. He informs his mom about the problems and their faults and  he is not going to ignore any bad behavior or actions against Meeta. He goes on to ask meeta whether she will give him another chance and gives her a promise that no one will harass her from now on. Sumeet’s dad also apologizes to her and even on his wife’s behalf. He apologizes to Meeta and speaks that she will stay at home like his daughter and ever mom-in law apologizes too. Radhika and Meeta finally said Halla Bol and succeeded. Radhika also gets a good news of her promotion from Col. Vikram singh and the theft complaint is withdrawn with written apology. She gets glad and happy with that news. The story ends on that winning and happy note.

Karan speaks that people fight for their rights and Radhika has fought for her friend and could have told Meeta to continue with her emotional and physical torture at the hands of her in-laws. But she didn’t do such thing and shown to her friend that in personal life accepting defeat is not an option. Karan concludes by addressing every girl who are fighting for rights and respect that they need to speak up and fight for their self-respect. He wishes all the women a very Happy Women’s day. Karan signs off by asking the girls to have dreams and to not be quiet since they are not lesser than anyone [Ladkiyan Kam Nahi in hindi].

Additional Note:
* We dedicate this post to each and every woman in the world and wishing them Happy International Women’s day. Thanks Karan for your encouraging words like always.

Some Info on Cast:
* Meeta is portrayed by actress Puja Sharma
– Puja recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 8 aired on 9th January 2015 in the role of Khushboo on Zing TV.
– Follow the tag Puja Sharma actress to read articles written on the episodes where she had worked.
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