Khatron Ke Khiladi 6 8th March 2015, Rashami Desai bids adieu; Salman Yusuff Khan marks his entry, 10th Episode on Colors TV – Snapshot

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International Women's Day 2015

Khatron Ke Khiladi Darr Ka Blockbuster [KKK on Colors] is in the 5th week. Yesterday, the contestants performed under Insomnia state [without having a sleep in last 24 hrs, Insomnia: sleeplessness] before the stunt. Rohit informs that all the stunts are performed under expert supervision with safety and training, and should not be tried. Rohit pulls the leg of Sana at the onset and the 1st stunt is going to be performed in pairs. The contestants with fear Phandas first get a chance to perform a stunt to escape the elimination round.

1st STUNT: Bhaag partner Bhaag, Location: Altona Farm [100 Kms from Capetown]
One contestant will be inside the water tanker carried by the moving truck and needs to collect the flag components, five of them while facing gushing waters and also to keep balance since the truck is moving while making turns. The other contestant will get the flag components one by one and walk to the other corner of the truck to place all the 5 parts in completing the flag post. Both the contestant’s distance and time will be calculated.

* Iqbal & Nandish 
Iqbal is inside the tank while Nandish stands on top of the truck. The truck makes turns and Iqbal inside couldn’t reach the flag parts. After some efforrs, Iqbal and Nandish successfully put the 1st flag. Iqbal is battling water but keeps determination high and it is tested. Iqbal and Nandish manage to put 2 flag sticks and the flag part (final) one while skipping the middle ones. After the stunt, Iqbal speaks that its much difficult to face strong waves inside the water tanker and doesn’t know what were things happening there.

* Sana & Riddhi
Sana swaps her role and going to stay at the top while Riddhi goes inside the water tanker. Riddhi is pushed back by gushing waters but she manages to take the 1st flag part. Sana puts it quickly on the other end of the truck. They manage to put 2 flag sticks during the course of truck’s journey. They face penalty for swapping their positions.

* Natalia & Rakesh
Both are Athletes and speak of getting advantage in endurance and stamina. They start the stunt with Rakesh getting 2 flag sticks quickly and even waits to hand over the 2nd flag part to Natalia. Natalia performs the second leg of the stunt quickly by placing the new flag sticks. Finally, she puts the 5th flag component to complete the stunt in style.

Result: Iqbal & Nandish clocked 1 min 47 seconds; Riddhi & Sana: 1 min 48 seconds (without penalty not added), Rakesh & Natalia: secure on completing the stunt. Riddhi and Sana going to face the elimination stunt.

2nd STUNT: Catwalk
Only the best performer will only escape the elimination. The contestant needs to climb first and then cross the 5 vertical poles of wood seperated by each other with some distance and each one getting higher in comparison to the previous one. After reaching the 5th pole, the contestant needs to take the flag and go back to the first pole and sticks it there. Next, they need to go back to the 5th pole and making a jump or leap from there in order to touch the hanging bar. Rohit reminds that each pole height is around 30 ft which maps to 5 floor building height. It is time based stunt.

* Asha
She climbs quickly to the first pole and carefully crosses to the second pole and manages her balance well to reach the 5th pole and takes the flag. During the return, she carefully goes back and puts back the flag. She again reaches the 5th pole and jumps to touch the bar in completing her stunt with finesse. She was calm, balanced, and employed crawling approach to succeed. After the stunt, she speaks of inherent difficulty and regards it as the toughest she encounter.

* Rashami
She prays to not leave the stunt midway. She climbs up to the first pole and clings to the 2nd pole by balancing herself. She reaches the 5th pole and takes the flag. During her return she slowly clings back and puts the flag on the 1st pole. She comes back again to 5th pole and makes her jump but couldn’t touch the bar as her left leg was shivering and slipped thus couldn’t realize the jump. She didn’t complete her stunt.

* Sagarika
Sagarika climbs the first pole quickly and slowly crawls and reaches the 5th pole. During her return journey, she follows the same crawling technique and sticks the flag to the first pole. She reaches the 5th pole again and jumps from the 5th pole and touches the bar. She was confident, quick, and shown good composure during the stunt. She termed it as the best stunt of her journey so far.

Result: Rashami clocked 24 min 30 seconds, Asha: 15min 41 seconds, Sagarika; 11min 42 seconds. Asha and Rashami going to face the elimination stunt while Sagarika escapes it.

Elimination STUNT: Black and White, Location: Altona Warehouse. Riddhi, Sana, Asha and Rashami are the participants.

The contestant wil sit in some enclosure with glass and there will be black and white rats present in a box. She needs to sort the rats and put them one by one in two different boxes. Moreover, there will be 35 scorpions that are going to put on the head placed in the head chamber. The total stunt is 5 min. Ashish, Chang and Hussain chooses the ordering as they were best performers yesterday.

* Rashami
She starts her stunt and sort the rats by putting them in black and white boxes. She keeps composure while a scorpion crawls over her head. She gets a warning as one of the rats fell down and  manages to get hold of the one running away from her hands. After the stunt, Nandish appreciates her efforts. She collected 28 rats and didn’t complete her stunt.

* Asha
She starts her stunt and quickly sorts the rats into different boxes and completes her stunt in quick time. She collected 30 rats and shown much agility and composure.

* Sana
Sana quickly sorts the rats but finds a rat running away. She continues to sort the remaining ones with ease and ends her stunt. She collected 30 rats. Sana clocked 3 min 12 seconds and the fastest in all.

* Riddhi
She speaks of liking animals and wants to be calm. She starts her stunt by putting the rats but the black rat clings to her hand and she manages to put inside the box and completes her stunt. She speaks of being happy and gets glad due to eventful week.

Elimination Result: Rashami Desai gets eliminated. Rashami gets teary eyed and wishes the best to all. Her husband Nandish remains in the show. To bring smile on everyone’s face, they take a selfie with Rohit.

Next Week: Many twists with contestants going through participate in chamber with snakes, Buggy ride. There is going to be entry of 2 wildcard contestants. Salman Yusuff Khan [Choreographer, dancer, Actor] is one of them, and Rohit calls Salman as his favorite. Salman’s Twitter page.

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