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Private Investigator Star Plus

The story starts with Sarika seen in a party scene atop a terrace and looks instable. Some people on the floor saw her standing there and thinks she is just playing game there. Soon, she falls down and dies. Raffe and his mom Anita come to offer support to Sarika’s friend Meghana as there is a prayer meeting. Meghana cries there and informs Anita that Sarika used to hate drugs and also reminds her of the call. Sarika and Meghana are fellow students and moreover Sarika is Anita’s favourite student. There are some people making demonstrations with the message people should not take drugs and brackets Sarika as a drug addict. Meghana informs that Sarika called her at 1:30 am on murder night and was worried to say something about Ryan but unable to tell. Ryan’s aunt Kamini comes there and consoles Meghana. Raffe comes home and learns his mom is quiet and dejected at the loss of Sarika and she gets more sad after seeing the photos of Sarika’s dead body. Anita speaks to Raffe that Sarika is a topper and she will never do such a thing of taking drugs. She recollects last meeting with Sarika when she spoke about leaving Athletics since her parents want her to do pursue Ph.D. studies in Maths. Sarika wanted to forego her dreams to accomplish her parents dreams since it brings them happiness and also makes her happy. Anita speaks that human’s actions define their thinking and again reiterates about Sarika and gets Raffe’s support. Soon, both Anita & Raffe go out to eat food outside at a restaurant.

While eating food, Raffe speaks of knowing that Sarika is not a drug addict. He justifies his point by informing that only syringe drug injection mark is found on her body. If she was a regular user there could have been more marks. Raffe suggests that Sarika might have gone to the party scene to meet Ryan since even Meghana was also pointing in that direction. Anita learns that drugs were injected in Sarika’s body by force and Raffe thinks many questions need to be answered. Anita asks Raffe on how does he work and investigate. Raffe speaks that the key is observation and tries to explain his mom on how he works. He tells his mom Anita to see a man sitting there and tells her to describe him, She thinks the man is there to attend a corporate meeting. Raffe informs her that she good observation skills but she is missing something. Raffe starts talking about what he knows about the man after observing him. The man wore a formal shirt but it is loose and even his shoes are loose which indicate he borrowed those clothes from someone. Raffe concludes that the man came for some interview. Furthermore, he speaks about the man’s left fingertips are bruised while his right hand nail is big which points out that he is a right handed guitarist. As he is going to attend interview, he drinks water a lot. Soon, the man attends the interview and Anita gets impressed with Raffe. Anita then asks Raffe to find out about Sarika and goes on to compliment him. But she also wants him to no do any stunts and takes a promise from him.


Raffe goes with Raghav to see Ryan at his home and overhears Ryan’s parents arguing on not wanting to see Ryan going out. Ryan’s mother at her end is thankful to her sister-in law Kamini for saving Ryan’s life that night. Raffe manages to enter Ryan’s room and to make him speak show some drugs. He asks Ryan whether he gave drugs to Sarika and why she came to the party scene. Ryan speaks that Sarika came to take him away from the party and the flashback scene shows Sarika telling him to not have drugs and also she flushed 10 gms of drugs. He doesn’t know where she had gone after the flushing scene. Raffe hides himself after sensing somene is coming in that room. Ryan’s aunt Kamini comes there and soon identifies Raffe and Raghu. She asks them how they came there. Raffe speaks of coming there to asks about Ryan’s health and Ryan asks Raffe to give him drugs. Raghav speaks of coming there as they are investigating Sarika’s death and Kamini suggests that Sarika was his friend so how he could possibly kill her. She wishes that all Ryan’s friends are like that of Sarika while Ryan gets worried to hear about her death. Raffe thinks Ryan doesn’t know about Sarika’s death then what actually happened once he left her. Next, Raffe meets Tiwari who informs about the blood report of Sarika and there was lot of drugs in her blood sample and concludes that Sarika would have with drug overdose. He informs Raffe on not fiding Sarika’s phone and the last call was made to Meghana. Tiwari also gives him the call record list and informs of speaking with witnesseses were interrogated but all doesn’t know anything as they were high except one watchman. Later, a policeman calls someone to inform about Raffe getting the call records.

Meanwhile, Raffe calls Sonu and informs of going to the farm house and soon they reach there. First, they speak with the old watchman and he speaks of having far sightedness thus can’t see people faces cleary. Raffe shows him the photo of Sarika and he recognizes her and speaks that she wanted an auto rickshaw that night but she ran away even before the Auto came to pick her. Raffe goes to some corner and find some men collecting Sarika’s phone. He finds those men leaving in the car and soon they follow them in Sonu’s auto. Raffe reaches a hideout after following them and couldn’t see any men from a passage. Sonu speaks of smelling drugs there and Raffe goes to the top floor and after reaching there find people in very high state after consuming drugs. They are unable to do anything and looks completely lost in themselves. He checks some phone there which belongs to Sarika and learns there is no memory card. The same two men comes there and Raffe hides. Raffe hears the men wondering what to speak with their boss and are waiting for some material. He evades their eyes and comes back to Raghav and Sonu. Raffe checks the call record and get some info and informs that the men’s material is to unloaded in the backyard and they need to follow. Sonu is worried and Raffe agrees with his concerns.

Raffe finds a man throwing some boxes in the garbage and Raffe informs the drugs come there inside cakes. Sonu identifies the cake shop which bring those cakes and it is located in versova as his friend Harish works there. They reach that place and Raffe tries to merge the clues – Drug supply, Ryan’s Aunt, Cake shop, lie, Kamini getting call. Raffe soon discovers that the owner is Kamini aunty with his clues and informs that Kamini was never called to the party and even the call records prove the same. Kamini finds Raffe close to the shop via a cam. Raffe wants Sonu to go inside the shop to find some clues. Sonu goes inside and speaks of coming there to work and gives Harish’s reference. Kamini tells him about a special delivery and he has to go some place with the cake and hands over some special cap for promotions. He is happy to begin work and while he was going to deliver the cake, the police comes and arrests him after finding drugs hidden his cap., He gets beaten up in the police station [PS]. Soon after, Raffe comes to help Sonu at the PS and the inspector learns Raffe doesn’t have the license of a Private Investigator and tells him to leave. Raffe informs Tiwari on the need to have a search warrant and only then Sonu can get released. Tiwari speaks of doing something and makes a raid at kamini’s cake shop but he doesn’t find anything (drugs) there after his search. Kamini confronts the police on coming there without the search warrant and boldly tells Tiwari to get ready for his resignation since she will go to court. Raffe learns from Tiwari that he hasn’t got anything. Kamini comes to confront Raffe and asks him to not take more steps and threatens with dire consequences that will more more worse than jail and they will feel death is better. Raffe doesn’t lose courage and goes near the beach front and tries to merge the clues again – Memory card, Sarika, running, recording ?

Raffe thinks that Sarika has seen something at the farm house which she shouldn’t have seen and has recorded something in the memory card. Raffe and Raghav goes to the farm house to begin searching for the memory card which she had tried to hide during her run from the goons but the question is where. Raffe remembers about the old watchman speaking about pigeons making lot of noise that night and soon searches the pigeon’s home and finds the memory card there. He watches the recording where Kamini is seen speaking to her men (goons, drug peddlars) and she is telling them to keep drugs far from Ryan’s reach. The men soon find Sarika doing the recording and chase to harm her. The recording ends and Raffe finds Kamini’s arrival there with goons.  One of the men comes with a drug injection to harm and kill Raffe and she threatens Raffe on facing the same fate like Sarika. Raffe asks why she is concerned to keep drugs far from Ryan but at the same time selling drugs with her network. She cites the analogy of a sweet vendor doesn’t like to eat sweets. Before she harms Raffe, Tiwari comes there and she gets arrested for drug bussiness and murder. Meanwhile, Anita at her end sees the news of Kamini Mehra’s arrest with 10 kgs drugs were recovered from her place. Sarika (posthumously) is going to get the the bravery award and even her name will get cleared from drug addict/abuse. Anita gets glad after seeing the news sinc Sarika got justice and respect.  She calls Vijay and speaks on how life is short and thus we need to do things both by heart and mind. Therefore, she wants to support Raffe in his endeavors and wants Vijay’s help. She asks Vijay to prepare Raffe in overcoming dangers that come during his PI work and admits that she is afraid but doesn’t want to let the fear win. He informs her on training Raffe from next day @ 7 am. She gets glad and calls Vijay the best and on that note both smiles.

Next Episode – 22nd March 2015, Puzzle Murder Mystery: There is series of murders and it looks that the murders are part of a puzzle and killer wants the investigative authorities to solve the puzzle. Vijay guides Raffe and also takes active role in unearthing the murder mystery which looks like a puzzle. Vijay thinks there will be three more murders unless they manage to keep Pranab Goswami the last victim from the public eye and the killer. Raffe during his investigation trail meets Tiwari and informs that the killer can even attack him.

* No Telecast of Private Investigator on 15th March 2015 as GIMA Music Awards 2015 takes its timeslot of 8 PM, Sunday.

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