Khatron Ke Khiladi 6 15th March 2015, Riddhi Dogra bids adieu,12th Episode on Colors TV – Snapshot

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Twists special week - 14th March 2015

Khatron ke Khiladi Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns [KKK 6] is in the sixth week, and the show has reached the midway of its total run. Rohit speaks that all the stunts are performed under expert supervision with training and safety in place, and should not be tried.

Pre-Elimination STUNT 1: Sharing and Caring. Location: Luke Farm. Sana, Asha and Riddhi are chosen and only the best performer will not face elimination stunt.

The contestant first needs to take the meat bag from a marker, and then come to a place near the cage having a lion. The monitored and trained lion comes out of the cage while holding the meat bag in the mouth, and the contestant needs to run to reach the marker at some distance from there, and overcome the resistance and pull.

* Sana
She gets worried before the stunt. She starts her stunt and comes close to the cage after getting the meat bag tied to the rope attached to her body. The lion gets the meat pack and doesn’t let Sana run towards the marker, and pulls her. Finally she reaches the mark. Rohit compliments Sana. and she speaks of overcoming heavy costumes, mutton pack and lion’s force & pull.

* Asha
Asha starts the stunt and soon she is dragged by the lion who keeps holding the meat bag. Asha hits the ground hard and couldn’t complete her stunt.

* Riddhi
Riddhi starts her stunt and soon she also falls on the ground and gets dragged. She didn’t touch the pole though covered some distance due to dragging.

Result: Riddhi: 27 secs, Sana; 24 secs, Asha: 18 secs. Riddhi and Asha face the elimination stunt.

Pre-Elimination STUNT 2: Dhobi Pachad, Location: Caravaran Park Pool
Chang, Natalia and Iqbal are the participants and only the best performer will escape elimination stunt. Rohit welcomes Salman Yusuff Khan, and he marks his entry and wants to take it notch higher this time and he participated in last season. Salman speaks of a technique to check balance and walk – Ashish, Nandish and Hussain are first called and after taking few spins they are unable to get proper balance. Moreover, Sana also tried it bringing some laughs.

The contestant is hanging upside down with pulley managing them. First, they need to remove the bolts/screw  from the rim immersed inside the water and there are 20 bolts attached to the rim in two sizes.  The big bolt removal is 1 pt, and small bolt removal is 2 pts. To remove, the contestant will be dipped inside water for 10 seconds. In the second leg of the stunt, the pulley will pull the contestant to another portion of water and again immersing them to put back the collected nuts in a container and this phase is for 2 secs. The same fetch and deposit of nuts task will be repeated for 2 mins. Chang, Natalia and Iqbal are the contestants. Salman does a part of the stunt to show them and advices them to not panic.

* Iqbal
Iqbal starts his stunt and completes it with some efforts while losing couple of nuts in water. After the stunt, Iqbal speaks of having fun and Rohit pulls his leg as he was seen in taking care of his shorts.

* Natalia
She cries before the stunt as she has concerns with being upside down and underwater stunt. Nevertheless, she starts her stunt and put efforts to complete her stunt with calmness and posture. After the stunt, she speaks of the nuts slipping due to water.

* Meiyang
He gradually gets better during the stunt and unbolts many bolts and does his stunt well.  Rohit compliments Meiyang.

Result: Iqbal: 6 nuts, 4 big ones [4 collected in container, 4 pts]; Natalia [2 big, 2 small and 1 fell out: 6 pts], Meiyang [6 big bolts, 2 small, 12 pts]. Iqbal and Natalia going to face elimination stunt.

Elimination STUNT: Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala, Location: Darr ka Ghar
Rohit speaks the show is important and though he gets sad when a contestant leaves the show. Asha speaks of wanting to stay until the end. He was talking about elimination and spoke those things in that context.
There is glass chamber with 2 divisions. The contestant is lying inside the chamber, and there will be 20,000 cockroaches close to legs, and 50 snakes will be placed close to the head. The contestant needs to make garlands with lemons and mirchi using needle and thread available there. The stunt time is 5 mins. Asha comes first and the ordering is decided by Iqbal.

* Asha
She starts her stunt and carries calm and composure and gradually makes a small garland by putting some lemons and mirchis. The snakes and cockroaches were moving around but it didn’t hamper her. She completes the stunt in 5 min.

* Natalia
She maintains calm and puts many lemons and mirchis for the garland. Rohit compliments her.

* Riddhi
She feels bitten and shouts and soon breaks down and speaks of unable to complete the stunt. Rohit tries to pacify her but she shakes and trembles. She was much troubled and irritated y snakes and cockroaches during her stunt and didn’t complete it.

* Iqbal
Iqbal quickly picks up lemon and stiches them to make the garland and puts many lemons & mirchis to complete his stunt.

Elimination Result: Rohit informs that Riddhi needs to go. She informs all are strong. Asha thinks that her half-support is going and gets emotional. Riddhi speaks of having an amazing experience but wanted to reach the end. She showers a hug to Rohit. Rohit speaks of talking about Advantage next week and the recipient.

Riddhi showing gratitude to all on KKK6 experience.

* Macho Moment of the Week: Hussain’s hitting the Bull’s Eye with the special car stunt.

Next Week:

* Naav aur Never stunt. Location: Demerskraal. The chopper and water are at play. This is a partners stunt and no one will get fear Phandas  but there are points. The two partner are in  motor boat and the chopper will throw a hook which should be used to attached to the boat and the boat will be in air. There are 15 flags below the boat and each partner need to go either side of the boat and reach the bottom to fetch flags. If the first partner falls in water, then the second partner can complete the stunt and the time will be calculated until he/she dives in water. The partner set taking the least time is the winner. 2 pts for winner, and 0 pts for not doing good.  Natalia-Meiyang and Sana-Salman are the contestants doing this stunt. Sana and Salman are seen doing the stunt and there is some miscoordination from Sana’s side.

* Car stunt and Aerial Platform:  Rashami and Nandish, For the aerial platform, Rashami is standing on Nandish’s shoulders while she fetches flags. The platform is placed at high altitude. Nandish and Rashami having difficulty to maintain balance.

* Water Tank: Sagarika participates in this stunt with a partner, and the water tank is filled with small crocodiles at the bottom while frogs are placed at the top.

* Rohit informs that 2 contestants will be eliminated instead of one.


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