Dada ji gives a Jhatka to Nisha & Kabir on having a full-fledged marriage

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Nisha & Viraj’s love has rekindled with jealousy, feeling of intense loss playing their role. Gayatri tries to deceit Nisha by informing Kiara as to-be wife of Viraj which is a lie since Viraj is not interested in her. Next development is Nisha’s sindoor marriage truth coming out to Dada ji and family after Pandit ji informed him via magazine. Kabir wanted Nisha to say that accidental marriage happened to save Chandu and not real. But Dada ji has its own take and asks Nisha whether Kabir is her husband. Moreover, he informs about the value of marriage, and no downplaying it and cites dolls [dolls’ marriage play during childhood]. Nisha is getting short of answers but nevertheless tries to defend by suggesting it was just acting. On that note, Dada ji sticks to his point that it might be acting for her but family’s respect and pride of lineage is of utmost value. He informs her that she will get married with all proper rituals thereby giving her & Kabir a big shock aka Jhatka.

Thus, Dada ji who has earlier accepted new outlook and compromised on old traditions has now stood with his believe on marriage. Nevertheless, with this marriage sequence track opening up, the interplay of Viraj-Nisha-Kabir would be seen with – love, family values, expectations, compromise, feelings as different elements. Amidst these developments, there is unraveling of Viraj as Kabir’s lost brother, and Gayatri also wants to figure out Viraj’s brother. Viraj carries jealousy with Kabir but on the other hand, Kabir just wants to outdo him on all occasions after their bitter fight on Holi. The larger question is, as Nisha’s marriage plans are etched out by Dada ji’s firm stance, Will Nisha and Kabir really going to have a big change in their life?  How does Nisha’s feelings for Viraj play out, What would be Viraj’s reaction to this development ?

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5 responses to “Dada ji gives a Jhatka to Nisha & Kabir on having a full-fledged marriage”

  1. Rueida Avatar

    Thanks for this spoiler?
    Love nisha aur uske cousins

  2. :p Avatar

    yo yo nishu kabira :* :*

  3. kausani neogi Avatar
    kausani neogi

    we want NiBir plz…. they r super cool… niraj is soo boring…. kabira is d best optn fr nisha

  4. bhavani Avatar

    It was is and will forever be nisha and viraj
    Guys Don’t forget that nisha has become her own self and forgotten all her past incidents
    Only and only because of viraj
    Kabir looks good with nisha only as a devar – bhabhi
    Kabir and nisha do like each other only as close friend…… not as life partners
    Nisha and viraj are made for each other

  5. Bhav Vvna Avatar


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