A ‘Welcome to Reality’ for Mathurs in Tere Sheher Mein

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Tere Sheher Mein - Amaya in Banaras

The Mathurs have finally arrived in Banaras, and have seen their new home. Sneha is touched as Rishi kept his promise, to build a home infront of her home. She sees her dad’s home named Chobey Nivaas and recalls how her dad has thrown her out after her love marriage with Rishi, and then they moved to Mumbai to start a new life. After 20 years, Sneha is back in Banaras, having lost Rishi and requiring great strength to manage her daughters. They sleep in the dark house hoping to find some way out in morning, only to discover that the house has no electricity, no water and many things more to know. While Jaz gets mosquito bites, Sneha gets a headache.

Amaya goes out to get some tea and loses her way back home. She gets lost in the lanes of Banaras and fails to find the tea shop too. Amaya then finds the route and goes home. Hari’s family offers support to Sneha and his son Rudra hates the Mathurs for making his dad fall in big trouble. Rudra decides to take revenge from Mathurs. While Sneha is not aware of his intentions, they start getting along well with Hari’s family. Sneha is asked for a good amount to do Rishi’s final rites and the family gets under financial pressure post the puja. Amaya thinks to leave Banaras and go back. She think about Rishi and his great words. She then determines to stay back and face all odds. Amaya decides to take the charge in her hands and do the best for her family. Will Amaya succeed in making her family prosper? Keep reading.

Tere Sheher Mein - Amaya fighting obstacles



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