Kabir & Nisha in Acting mode during pre-wedding rituals for Dada ji & family’s happiness

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins New show on Star Plus

Nisha has got a good friend in Kabir who cares for her and cannot leave her alone to face Dada ji’s ire and family taunts. Thus, he didn’t ran away from Nisha’s home and their bonding continue to grow. Viraj agreed to get engaged to Kiara since he wants to move on and forget Nisha, and is in denial mode for his feelings for her. With Dada ji’s holding firm on having a full-fledged marriage, Nisha & Kabir didn’t have other option left but to keep doing all the pre-wedding preparations. However, they are also working in tandem to search for strategies to stop their marriage. Nisha has already informed Kabir on having accepted the marriage truth infront of Dada ji because of her anger with Viraj & Kiara’s relationship on getting engaged [put forward by Gayatri]. Nisha continues to love Viraj immensely, and even Kabir knows that is the truth.

The cousins and Amanpreet were having different take on her decision to marry Kabir another time for the sake of Dada ji’s order. Kirti thought Nisha is going through a rebound phase thus agreed to Dada ji in haste. But Nisha knows on her love for Viraj, and even Amanpreet bats for Nisha loving Viraj. Ramesh keeps his believe on Nisha doing sindoor marriage to save Chandu’s life, and for good but he doesn’t garner support from family. Next, Nisha & Kabir go out with cousins to select a wedding card, and Nisha is not having much interest at the shop. Later, Dada ji informs Kabir on meeting his mom, and he gets anxious as his mom is not there. He first comes with an excuse that his mom has gone for pilgrimage to temple. Soon, he finds a lady thief and convinces her to enact as his mom for which she agrees.

As the pre-wedding rituals progress, the Sangeet ceremony comes next. Nisha & Kabir dance along infront of everyone, and show romance which is part of their acting. Nisha and Kabir’s fake love is not known to anyone. Their eyelocks and romantic dance is part of the coming twist. Thus, Kabir & Nisha are acting another time for the sake of the family. The family also dances and enjoys to the fullest. On another front, Gayatri is inching closer to know about Kabir as Viraj’s lost brother by taking photographer Sabu in her stride with money. She knows about Viraj’s mom Vasundhara having another son. She got blinded in not valuing family relations and only cares for property and Viraj Dada ji’s will. It has to be seen on how she uses Viraj’s brother truth to her advantage.

Also, there is another track of Sumeet, Dolly’s husband keeping eye on Gangwal’s family jewellery shop, and acting goody type in front of her. He told her about losing job but haven’t gave a pinch of hint on his real intentions. Finally, there is interesting clash of marriage preparations on one hand, & Nisha-Kabir’s strategies to stop marriage on the other while carrying on with their acting. What will be Viraj’s reaction to know about Nisha’s marriage and pre-wedding rituals arranged by Dada ji ?  Also, it is interesting to see Nisha and Kabir’s romantic dance sequence in NAUC.


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