Laxmi’s immature ways to land her in problems in Dream Girl

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Laxmi gets the entry in the Navrang Studios by lying to the guard that Manav Sareen has called for and she has an appointment with him. Laxmi’s dream comes true when Ayesha Sareen walks in. She lays her eyes on her and hears the staff saying how Ayesha sympathizes with blind people. Laxmi lies again and acts like blind girl to meet Ayesha. She walks inside Ayesha’s cabin stating she needs work and she is blind. Ayesha recalls her friend Amrita’s words that someone is coming in her life with quick pace and will try to take her place in Navrang studios. Ayesha is on hunt to find a heroine and Laxmi challenges everyone that she will be the next Dream girl of Navrang. Ayesha appoints Laxmi in her office. On the other hand, Samar is living Raj Samosa Wala’s life to observe the minute bits of living a common man’s life. Samar is getting habituated to Laxmi and her sweet carefree nature. He starts liking her dreams and hopes to become rightfully good like her. Samar tries to help Laxmi and thinks to talk to Ayesha about her.

Laxmi gets glad to be around Ayesha and observe her to become exactly like her. The staff ladies make fun of Laxmi which angers her. Laxmi makes a mistake again by her lies, and her silly pranks irritate Ayesha. Laxmi’s super attitude irks everyone in the office and they all complain to Ayesha about her. Ayesha decides to fire Laxmi off her job. Laxmi gets sad and requests everyone to support her. She aims to show them by becoming the next Dream girl and get their respect. Will Laxmi be able to prove her talent by herself and not using any wrong ways? Keep reading.

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