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Ritika’s pregnancy makes RV marry her to give her child a name, while Sharman doubts on her and RV since ages. As we wrote about the short six month leap in the show, RV will be seen with Ritika as his wife, while Ishani is still lamenting in jail. RV and Ritika both seem be happy couple and they attend an award ceremony, where RV gets an award and thanks Ritika as his life partner. Ishani gets bailed out by a helpful figure Shekhar and starts looking for RV and her family, to know their welfare. She comes to know that RV married Ritika and fails to find her family. When Falguni and everyone were on roads, Nitin helps them and takes them to his home to give them a proper shelter.


Muskaan’s marriage was much drama oriented and it gets completed after many twists. Muskaan’s Bidaai comes next and its tough time for Muskaan. Naksh gets sad and says Akshara explained him well that Muskaan has to go, and accepted the fact. Naitik gets sad as Muskaan was close to him like Rashmi and Nandini. Akshara pacifies him, and they together send off Muskaan with Alok and his family.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi gets glad to be around Ayesha and observe her to become exactly like her. The staff ladies make fun of Laxmi which angers her. Laxmi makes a mistake again by her lies, and her silly pranks irritate Ayesha. Laxmi’s super attitude irks everyone in the office and they all complain to Ayesha about her. Ayesha decides to fire Laxmi off her job. Laxmi gets sad and requests everyone to support her. She aims to show them by becoming the new Dream girl and get their respect.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya goes out to get some tea and loses her way back home. She gets lost in the lanes of Banaras and fails to find the tea shop too. Amaya then finds the route and goes home. Hari’s family offers support to Sneha and his son Rudra hates the Mathurs for making his dad fall in big trouble. Rudra decides to take revenge from Mathurs. While Sneha is not aware of his intentions, they start getting along well with Hari’s family. Sneha is asked for a good amount to do Rishi’s final rites and the family gets under financial pressure post the puja. Amaya thinks to leave Banaras and go back. She think about Rishi and his great words. She then determines to stay back and face all odds. Amaya decides to take the charge in her hands and do the best for her family.


Dadi makes Soumya write a letter in which she writes her heart out…how Yuvraaj fell in love with her and wanted to send his proposal, which Pratima took for Suhani, by making the name blunder as per her forgetting habit. Soumya then writes about Yuvraaj’s compromised marriage under pressure. Suhani breaks down knowing how helpless Yuvraaj felt to marry her and she feels so small on edge of losing her self esteem. Suhani decides to leave the house and stay with her parents. She still has to know Pankaj’s blackmailing to Yuvraaj, and she will surely be more hurt when Dadi uses this truth in terrible way. Poor Suhani hopes on one thing in her Maayka, that Yuvraaj comes and takes her back with respect and love she deserves.

Shastri Sisters:

Alka informs Anu about Priya being a part of Minty and Astha’s plans. Anu goes to confront Priya and asks her about her motive in this matter. On the other hand, Navratri is approaching, and Anu takes Minty’s challenge that she will not let her marriage break. Minty and Astha think of some new plan to create a Maha twist in the Navratri. They start sending threatening letters to Shastri ji, which the sisters get and they worry reading it. Anu still stays strong and says she will do the Navratri puja instead Minty. Anu and her sisters does all the puja arrangements. Anu and Rajat do the puja together. Anu does the aarti by Minty’s unwilling permission. Anu prays that the misunderstanding between Rajat and her does not get created again and Minty accepts her by heart. Rajat prays that Veer does not create any problem in his life.

Satrangee Sasural:

Aarushi tries hard to convince Dadi. Dadi says she can’t stay in this house, as she does not want her grandson to go away. She says she is afraid that Vihaan will go away once she comes to stay with them. Aarushi in her unique way convinces her, and Dadi agrees to allow her but she needs to give Agni Pariksha. It is just the beginning of Aarushi’s test as she is given 6 months time to prove herself a good bahu, and also show her marriage can go through all tests of life. The seven mum in laws’ join hands to make Aarushi leave. Dadi asks Aarushi not to make relation with Vihaan as his wife, before she gets acceptance as her bahu. Aarushi agrees to this condition and seeks Vihaan’s support.

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Chakor attends the school after getting the shoes back thanks to Sheru and spoils Suraj’s bullying plan. She still has to wear good shoes, and is told by her teacher to tie her hair so as to not get bad smell. Next day, she starts getting ready to go to school with clean uniform, nails but soon realizes her hairs are loose. She recollects on how her teacher scolded earlier as she was attending school without hair being tied up. She wonders on how to tie the hairs, and get anxious. Meanwhile, Tejaswini tries to control Baa’s health and plans that she doesn’t recover fully and takes a nurse in her stride.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Fake Roli aka Nagin wants Siddhant at any cost and has brought back Mata ji to full working mode, but doesn’t want to leave Siddhant since she refers him as her husband to whom her identity is attached. She informed Bhardwaj family of not able to live or die without him. Simar thought Nagin is showing repentance but was wrong since Nagin is defiant to win Siddhant at any cost. Nagin makes it clear to Simar and her family that if someone come in her way then she is going to kill that person. Simar hits back at Nagin with aggression and informs her that in the next 19 hours, every member of Bhardwaj family will put all their efforts to counter her. Moreover, she calls herself as the biggest wall between Nagin and Siddhant. There is more to red door [Lal Darwaaza], and it has to be seen on how Simar translates her words into actions against Nagin.

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Ashoka has left Pataliputra to search for his mom Dharma while defying the plea of Acharya and others, and reach some place. But he finds Samrat Bindusara coming there, and gets puzzled on why the king came there ? He is sure that Acharya Chankya has sent Bindusara there and wants to know the king’s actual intentions.

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Raman fights with Shagun’s guards. There is a mini fight sequence. Ishita and Raman reach to meet Ruhi at Shagun’s residing place. Shagun stops Ruhi from meeting them. Raman’s anger matches with Shagun’s security. Raman wins over them and hugs Ruhi. Shagun wants to make them feel what she would have gone through when they took away her only son Adi from her. Ishita hugs Ruhi and Shagun is glad seeing Ishita’s pain. Shagun is troubled that Ruhi is out of her control, but she is sure she will manage her slowly. Shagun takes away Ruhi and is not worried that Raman can get Ruhi back, as all laws are in her favor. Ruhi says my Ishi Maa will come to take me in 48 hours and has high positive hopes. Ishita challenges Shagun that she will take Ruhi with her back to Bhalla house in 48 hours, and let’s see how she does so.


Nisha and Kabir dance along infront of everyone, and romance along enjoying the Sangeet function. Nisha and Kabir’s fake love is not known to anyone. Their eyelocks and romantic dance is part of the coming twist. Kabir and Nisha is cheating everyone to do the fake marriage, just for the sake of the family. The family also dances and enjoys to the fullest. Tune in to see Nisha and Kabir’s romantic dance sequence in NAUC.


Dada ji gets some papers and asks Radha to sign on it. Radha does not read it, saying she trusts Dada ji a lot. She signs on the papers, not knowing that Dada ji has made the contract. He makes it as a term contract that Radha has taken the money lent to Sudhakar and is freeing LD from marriage at its cost. Dada ji has given Rs 25 lakhs to Radha’s uncle Rakesh and asks him to return it to Sudhakar. Dada ji starts feeling guilty by Radha’s trust on him. Will Dada ji separate LD and Radha? Radha gets ready and poses with LD in the Mehendi function. LD and Radha look perfect with each other. They are marrying for the second time, with their wish and family’s permission. Radha sees LD’s name in her mehendi design and smiles. Sudhakar and Suhasini are very happy for Radha. Radha thanks Sudhakar for his right advice to give LD a chance. Radha’s happy days are starting. It has to be seen what Dada ji does with Radha and LD’s love and future.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gopi and Jigar come there in Ahem’s engagement. Mansi gets insecure and wants Gopi to leave. Jigar wants Mansi to leave Ahem, and as Kokila will also come there in some time. Meera misbehaves with Gopi in the party. She also puts water on Ahem’s suit and argues with Jigar. Gopi pulls Meera’s ears infront of everyone in the party and scolds her. Gopi asks Meera to be in her limits and says she is her mother and will not bear all this misbehavior. Mansi is blackmailing Ahem to marry her, asking him to end her 10 year long wait. Mansi says he has shown to Gopi that she is his everything, and asks him to make the fake relation true for her sake. She asks him to give her Gopi’s place in his life.


Poornima plans to defame Astha in the party and passes on a designer dress to her via Ahilya, by acting sweet to Indrajeet and showing her acceptance towards Sapna and his relation. She then takes Rashmi’s help to mess up the dress, to make it shameful for Sapna by wardrobe malfunctioning. Poornima’s plan backfires and she lands up in the wrong dress. Shlok/Ballu dances with her seeing her dress tearing back and holds her safe. Indrajeet gets raged on him and raises his hand to slap Ballu. Shlok holds his hand to stop him, and takes Poornima along. This favor of Ballu makes Poornima realize her mistake and also his his helpful nature, when she has always insulted him. She starts falling for Ballu and more problems for Shlok and Astha ahead.


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