Nisha’s wedding day brings a twist with Viraj’s entry & puts impetus on her – To Marry, or Not To Marry


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins New show on Star Plus

Nisha’s pre-wedding rituals – Sangeet & others get completed in pompous and grand fashion. Nisha & Kabir have a romantic dance during their Sangeet ceremony and are acting, and going on with their wedding for Dada ji and family’s happiness. Kabir brings a fake mom and the lady is a small time thief and he convinced her to take his mom’s role. Dada ji is fine with Kabir & his family and let’s delve into it more later. Soon, Nisha and Kabir’s wedding day arrived. Kabir has financial constraints thus borrowed Nisha’s scooty to come along with his Baraat to take Nisha. He also brings his fake mom and they dance with the Baraatis. Nisha gets emotional with her mom and family on her wedding day, and has managed to convince her dad Ramesh earlier to not worry much about her decision to marry Kabir. She also told him the truth of taking decision because of her angst with Viraj’s to-be engagement with Kiara.


Meanwhile, Viraj comes to know of Nisha’s marriage, and also realizes his mistake somehow of not believing Nisha earlier. Moreover, also on how he became a victim of misunderstanding and how things played out in his outburst for Nisha and the heartbreak. He runs to Nisha’s home and makes a timely entry just around the time when Kabir comes there with his Baraat. Viraj’s intention on coming there is to clarify his point and also opens his heart out on loving her much. Viraj has earlier agreed to Kiara for engagement, whether he called off such plans, and Is he going to inform Nisha the same since that info really matters to her. What will be Nisha’s decision whether she goes ahead to marry Kabir, or going to rethink on Viraj & her love for him ?


  1. I want kabir and nisha together….
    Wat a nice couple they are….:-) 🙂
    Also a very very nice dance by nisha and kabir in their sangeet ….:-) 🙂


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