Raffe kickstarts a new phase with full-fledged P.I training under Vijay


Private Investigator Star Plus

Anita’s fears towards Raffe has diminished to a large extent and she wants him to get proper training of Private Investigator from Vijay. She spoke to Vijay on how life is short, and thus things to be performed with both heart & mind. She admits on being afraid with Raffe’s P.I work but doesn’t want to let the fear win and calls Vijay the best. She wants Raffe to follow his passion with his courage and undying spirit to resolve cases in order to get justice. Vijay gets her message and is much glad to help Raffe. Additionally, Raffe even wanted Vijay’s help who was bit apprehensive to help him fully since Anita was worried but now with Anita giving the go ahead Raffe is in safe hands. On another front, regarding Raffe’s dad, Anita took promise from him that he will not ask that question and keeps evading it. He is intrigued about his dad and even his mom’s other identity and wonders why he got those questions, and feels helpless in not knowing the answers. However, he admits that some questions doesn’t have the answers.


Coming to Raffe’s bonding with Inspector Tiwari, it has the grace & camaraderie quotient and they also get result in unearthing mysteries successfully. Raffe takes care of his friends – Raghav, Sonu and even Lucky and their team efforts bore fruit always. Now, with Raffe getting full-fledged training from Vijay, their interplay and team work has more scope. Raffe has new change in life and kickstarts a new phase of life, and gets a new case – Puzzle murder mystery. There is series of murders in the city, and it looks that the murders are part of a puzzle and the killer wants the investigative authorities – police, P.I to solve the puzzle to reach him/her. Vijay takes the active role in guiding Raffe and also to unearth puzzle-driven murder mystery. Vijay thinks there will be three more murders unless they manage to keep Pranab Goswami the last victim from the public eye and the killer. Raffe during his investigation trail meets Tiwari and informs that the killer can even attack him. Will Raffe succeeds in solving in this Puzzle murder mystery case with Vijay’s minute and sharp details ?


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